6 Hospitalized After Disney Fight Over Popcorn Bucket

Disney world fight over popcorn bucket

With each year that passes, Disney gets more creative with their popcorn buckets. What started out as round plastic containers with some graphic design has turned into plastic works of art. Disney saw the craze over their Figment popcorn bucket and has not looked back. Unfortunately things are getting out of hand.

Disney popcorn bucket causes fight that sends 6 guests to the hospital
Figment popcorn bucket lines went for hours. Photo via blogmickey.com

The Figment popcorn bucket at EPCOT created lines that were hours long. People were eager to get these limited edition popcorn buckets. As soon as people had them in hand, they started popping up on eBay for hundreds of dollars. It was one of the hottest Disney items ever made. Turning a cute and loved character into an awesome popcorn bucket that was a limited edition release led to a huge demand. It was the perfect storm.

With each new popcorn bucket Disney releases, they try to outdo the previous one. Disney has certainly done that with their 2022 Christmas popcorn bucket. In fact, it was so impressive, 6 people were hospitalized over it. The instant Disney teased their new Christmas popcorn bucket on Instagram, people were gushing over it. Not only is it a beautiful design, it also plays music. This is by far the most impressive Disney popcorn bucket ever made.

Disney holiday popcorn bucket leads to fight and injuries at disney world
Disney Christmas popcorn bucket selling for $120 on eBay

Disney’s holiday popcorn bucket has been popping up on eBay for anywhere from $50-120. Guests were complaining when Disney ran out of stock in the parks. It only got worse from there. A huge fight broke out inside Magic Kingdom when one person seemingly cut in line to get a popcorn bucket. The line was roughly four hours long and wrapped around most of the park. One guest was apparently seen cutting the line and another guest didn’t like that. They confronted them, which led to the fight breaking out.

As soon as the fight broke out, more guests started piling on. According to someone who was there, there were around 30 people involved in the fight at one point. Disney security rushed in to put an end to the fight, unfortunately it was too late. Multiple people suffered injuries and were sent to the hospital to treat them.

Disney world hospitalization after fight over skipping line for popcorn bucket
Fight over Disney popcorn bucket sends 6 people to the hospital

None of the injuries sustained during this fight at Disney were life threatening, however, there were a few broken jaws and arms, including one person who wasn’t involved in the fight, but was unfortunately caught in the middle of it. Disney hasn’t yet released a statement on this fight. This is obviously awful news and we do not condone fighting, especially over a popcorn bucket. So far 3 people were arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.

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