Add Deceased Family Members to Disney Ride Photos

Add deceased family members to your Disney ride photos

One of the best parts of Disney World vacations is seeing your face in your ride photos. If it’s your first time on the ride, this makes for a great memory and keepsake. If it’s your 100th time, you try to make the best and funniest photo. Well now, Disney has a new offering where you can add your deceased family members to your Disney ride photos.

Add deceased family members to your Disney ride photos
Add deceased family members to your Disney ride photos using new AI technology

There are over 10 rides at Disney World that have on-ride photos. They always take them at the most exciting parts of the rides in order to get the best photos. What’s great, is those who have Disney World annual passes and Genie+ for the day get their ride photos for free. They go right to your My Disney Experience app and you can easily save them on your phone and share them with your family and friends.

Ride photos are a reminder of the trip you had. They capture a moment in time when you are the happiest. However, sometimes those photos are missing the family members closest to you. The ones who have passed away. Now, Disney has a new solution, where family members who have passed away can appear in ride photos with you. You don’t even need to bury them at Disney World or The Haunted Mansion to do this either! Those are two fun stories and we suggest you check them out.

Why is Disney Adding Deceased Family Members to Ride Photos?

Adding deceased family members to ride photos is a request Disney guests have been making for years. So many people visit Disney World with their families. However, over time, the people closest to us will pass away. This is just the sad truth. This makes a Disney trip without those people who you are closest to tough.

Funny Disney Ride Photos
Disney ride photos are even better now that you can add deceased family members to them. Photo via ABC 30

Disney is providing a way for guests to fill the void in their hearts and in their photos. All you need to do is upload a photo of your deceased family members to your My Disney Experience app. You can categorize them in terms of importance. Then, Disney’s incredible ride photo and new AI technology will do the rest. 

When the rides take your picture, Disney will automatically add in your deceased family members to make them appear to be in the ride photo with you. Disney has been working on this technology for a while and is finally ready to open it to the public. This is a great way to get your favorite family members who are there with you in spirit, in the photos with you. It’s a lot like the “magic shots” where Disney photoshops in something like Tinker Bell, Olaf, Mickey Balloons (don’t float away holding them), and more.

Add deceased family members to your Disney ride photos
Make Disney ride photos better by adding deceased family members to them

As we mentioned, Disney lets you rank your family members by priority. This is because they are sometimes limited in how many family members they can add to your photos. This way, the highest priority members can be in more of your photos with you. This will really make your Disney ride photos more magical.

What do you think of Disney’s new technology to add deceased family members to your ride photos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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