All Guest Giveaways Coming to Disney World

All Guest giveaways coming to disney world in 2023

MLB baseball games are known for their all fan giveaways. They may give away a bobblehead of a top player on the team, a rally towel, a fanny pack, or something else. These are great ways to draw people into games and fill the stadium.

Disney World will be following this very popular model as a way to bring more guests into the parks during down times. There are plenty of times during the year where Disney crowds are low. These are often during months when kids are in school and not as many people are taking vacation.

Disney crowd calendar for giveaways
Disney Crowd Calendar via

Disney has decided to have giveaways for everyone who enters the parks on specific dates during these low crowd times. The actual dates have not yet been released, however, we know they will occur in January, February, September, and October, 2023 the slowest months at Disney World.

We were also told that the items given away will not be available for purchase in stores. The only way to get them is by entering the park on a giveaway day. Here is a list of some of the items that will be given away at these events: 50th anniversary mickey ears, Animal Kingdom fanny pack, Hollywood Studios Earful Tower hat, Spaceship Earth mug, Magic Kingdom Mousepad, and more! Each day will have a specific item given away.

Disney theme park giveaways coming soon
Sample of items that will be given away

In order to receive the giveaway, you will have to visit the park hosting the giveaway for that day. There is a limit of one item per person and will be tracked via MagicBand and will link to your My Disney Experience account. We are very excited for these giveaway days and expect to see many of the items for sale on eBay. We will keep you updated when Disney announces the specific dates and item being given away on each day.

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