Bob Chapek 0% Approval Rating with Guests

Bob Chapek 0% Approval Rating

Bob Chapek has been extremely controversial since becoming the CEO of the Walt Disney Company in 2020. He took over from former CEO Bob Iger, who had controversial moments, but usually had a high approval rating amongst guests. Bad news for the Disney company, Bob Chapek has hit an all time low approval rating as the CEO.

Bob Chapek has 0% approval rating with guests and gets booed at d23 convention
Bob Chapek addresses a booing crowd at D23 in September. Photo via Mario Anzuoni | Reuters

According to a brand new poll, Disney guests have given CEO Bob Chapek, or Bob Paycheck as some call him, a 0% approval rating. This comes as no surprise given the amount of changes he has made to the company since taking over as well as some of the things he has said about their guests and the Walt Disney employees. We will go over some of Bob Chapeks lowest moments driving the 0% approval rating.

First off, Bob Chapek is the man behind the addition of Lightning Lane and Genie+. This is one of the most controversial decisions of his short career as the CEO of Disney. Disney went from a free system allowing guests to skip the lines with Fastpass, to a paid system with Genie+ and Lightning Lane. What makes this system bad is that the standby lines have gotten longer because of it. On top of that, it is expensive to skip the lines. Maybe if it wasn’t $18 per person for some rides, guests wouldn’t be so appalled.

Lightning Lane and Genie+ is expensive and costing guests and Disney fans do not like it
Bob Chapek helped implement Lightning Lane and Genie+ a huge disappointment. Photo via

Bob has also said many controversial things about guests. He recently said that they “ought to listen” to their audience, however time after time they have proven to ignore any complaints and wishes of their guests. This is driving his approval rating down. Every day, thousands of avid Disney fans take to social media to criticize his decisions and they get ignored. Disney is not taking the time to listen to guests and is not improving their experience. Part of our mission is to bring mass awareness to the issues within the Walt Disney company to drive change.

On top of that, he shows a lack of compassion for his employees, which includes a huge hiring freeze and layoffs at Disney. Disney is experiencing huge growth with the company, gauging guests whenever they can, and is still laying off employees. We feel bad for the employees and their families who will be laid off. This comes off as extremely off putting to guests as well, even if they aren’t impacted by it personally.

disney world is looking to make each ride cost money on a new pay per ride model
Disney pay per attraction concept art

There are many more things Bob Chapek has done to ruin the Disney Experience. Turns out, Disney was paying guests to stand in lines, which you can read here. They will add transportation fares to the buses, monorials, boats, and so on, which you can read about here. They are even considering a new pay per ride model at Disney World, which we wrote about here. The list of ways he is ruining Disney World and Disneyland seems to grow each day.

What do you think of how Bob Chapek has run things so far at Disney? Let us know in the comments below! We say it’s time for Bob Chapek to step away.

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