Bob Chapek Meet and Greet Coming to Magic Kingdom

Bob Chapek Meet and Greet at Disney World

In 2020 Bob Chapek became the CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Prior to that Bob Iger was the CEO for 15 years. So far in the two years that Chapek has been CEO there have been a lot of controversial decisions and actions. This includes the change from Fastpass+ to Genie+, the park reservation system, doubling park ticket prices, and much more. Overall guest satisfaction with The Walt Disney Company is at an all time low. Don’t worry though, Bob Chapek has a plan to become more likable.

Disney has just announced a Bob Chapek meet and greet coming to Magic Kingdom. Guests will be able to get an autograph and take a picture with Bob Chapek. This will be a similar experience to a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse. In fact, the Bob Chapek meet and greet will be located right next to Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater.

Bob Chapek meet and greet coming to Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom
Bob Chapek meet and greet coming to Town Square Theater

Here is the official description from Disney: “Pop in to CEO Bob Chapek’s meeting room for the chance to greet Mr. Chapek! Discover what goes on in the day in the life of a magical career as the leader of Disney. The greatest magic of all happens when Bob Chapek strikes a pose for a fun photo with you.”

There will be a stand by line as well as a Genie+ line to meet Chapek. When you get to Bob Chapek you will get to take a Photopass picture, get his autograph if you would like, and move on with your happy day at the Magic Kingdom. You may be asking how the CEO of Disney is able to spend all day doing meet and greets. Well sadly it won’t be the real Bob Chapek. This will be much like any other character meet and greet, where it is merely a portrayal of the real character. The Bob Chapek character will look like The Incredibles characters at the parks. He will not be a face character like Aladdin for example. We are sorry if we spoiled anything for you.

Bob Chapek Meet and Greet coming to Magic Kingdom at Disney World
The Incredibles Characters at Disney World. Photo via

The meet and greet will debut this October. Disney knows Bob Chapek isn’t the most liked CEO in company history. This appears to be an effort to appeal to the audience and give them a more personal connection to the CEO in hopes that they can change their opinions on him. This might be why they are adding a Bob Chapek statue where the Tower of Terror sign used to be. Will you go to the Bob Chapek meet and greet when it opens?

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