BREAKING: Disney Hires Claudine Gay as New CEO

Claudine Gay announced as Disney's new CEO

In breaking news, The Walt Disney Company hires Claudine Gay as their new CEO. According to an official statement, “The Walt Disney Company is struggling with its movies and theme parks. Gay has a long history of successfully copying others. Her ability to copy the competition will allow Disney to thrive once again. She will bring the fresh perspective that the company needs to turn things around. Also, she brings the diversity that the Disney company deeply values.”

Claudine Gay announced as Disney's new CEO
Claudine Gay announced as Disney’s new CEO

As you might remember, Claudine Gay is the former Harvard President, who is best known for her plagiarism and anti-Semitic remarks. With Disney struggling in the Box Office, this gives them an opportunity to start better copying their competition, who are having more success.

They also are on the verge of losing the Theme Park wars with Universal Epic Universe opening soon. The hope is that Gay will copy Universal and lead the Disney Parks to an epic comeback. There is no word yet on what will happen to Bob Iger.

Many are speculating that he will stay with the company so he can continue to battle with Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida.

Other contenders for CEO of Disney included Gail Lewis and Jack Dorsey. However, neither of them landed the job. Disney is betting the house on Claudine Gay, giving her a $90 million annual contract.

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