BREAKING: Disney World 5th Park Officially Announced

Just announced, Disney World is getting 5th park, Force World
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Since Animal Kingdom opened in 1998, Disney fans have wondered if there would ever be a 5th park built. In fact, Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, then EPCOT in 1982, followed by MGM Studios in 1989. This makes it the longest stretch since EPCOT opened that Disney World hasn’t seen a new theme park. Now, that is all changing with the announcement of Disney World’s 5th park, Star Wars Force World.

Just announced, Disney World is getting 5th park, Force World
Just announced, Disney World is getting 5th park, Force World. Photo via

A brand new theme park was just announced for Disney World. This will be the 5th theme park on property in Florida. The name of the new park is Force World and the park will be entirely Star Wars themed. This will truly be a paradise for Star Wars fans and a marvel for even those who aren’t into Star Wars. The announcement here that Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge closing now makes more sense with this new 5th gate coming to Disney World. This announcement comes just a few days before May the 4th be with you, which begs the question, why didn’t Disney wait until then to make this huge announcement?

Star Wars Force World, Disney World’s 5th Park

Star Wars continues to be a powerhouse for Disney World. They keep milking the series with more movies and more shows on Disney+. Now, they are turning the movie into an entire theme park. This will be the first-ever Disney theme park around the world that is focused on only one franchise. However, based on the map above of Force World, we expect this to be an amazing park, which guests are already extremely excited about. Thanks to Sidekick Creative for sharing the initial concept art of the new Disney World fifth gate. 

Star Wars Death Star ride coming to Disney World's 5th theme park
Star Wars Death Star ride coming to Disney World’s 5th theme park. Photo via Adam McCabe

As you can see on the map, Star Wars Force World, the current name for this new park, has many different lands. Following typical Disney fashion, the Death Star will be the park icon. It’s likely Disney will cancel the Spaceship Earth Death Star Ride as we reported here and instead put it in the new Star Wars park. From the hub, guests can break off into different sections of the park where they can experience Star Wars rides, restaurants, shops, shows, and more.

While many details are still missing on this brand-new park, we know about some of the attractions. There will be multiple roller coasters. Some will be more intense and for older crowds, while others are for the family. There’s also a small water park area. This will be the first Disney World park with a water park built inside it. Of course, Living with the Land will soon be a lazy river as we reported here. We also know there will be simpler rides like bumper cars. This park truly has attractions for the entire family, which has fans stoked.

Additional Details on Disney World’s Newest Theme Park

Disney World’s 5th theme park will be located off of World Drive, south of the Magic Kingdom and west of EPCOT as seen on the map below. This isn’t too far from the new Mickey Mouse Worship Center and Disney World Cemetary. It’s also not too far from the Monorail tracks. It’s certainly possible Disney adds this new park to the monorail. If they do, we hope they add a loop to that part of the monorail track as well as we reported here.

Future site of Disney World 5th Park, Star Wars Fore Land
Future site of Disney World 5th Park, Star Wars Fore Land. Map via Google Maps

What is very interesting about this announcement, is it comes in the wake of Disney announcing they are picking up and moving to New Orleans as we reported here. That decision seemed to be in direct relation to the Florida Government calling in the National Guard to block all Disney World entrances. You can read about that here. It certainly seems as though Disney is bluffing on the move to New Orleans and will actually keep the park in Florida after all.

It’s estimated that the 5th Disney World park will cost $10 billion to build. This is almost double Disneyland Shanghai, which cost around $5.5 billion to build. We expect many more details to come out about Star Wars Force World, Disney World’s soon to be 5th theme park, over the next few weeks and months. However, out of the gate, the park looks amazing, especially for Star Wars fans. Unfortunately, this will likely lead to increased ticket prices to cover the cost of the build.

What do you think of the announcement of the 5th Disney World park, Force World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Martin Wells
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Florida is doomed anyway, with or without Disney!

Martin Wells
Martin Wells
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