BREAKING: Elsa Will Marry a Woman in Frozen 3

Elsa gets married to a woman in Frozen 3, early concept art

There continue to be shocking announcements coming out of Disney. For example, flying the pride flag instead of the American flag. Also, furry days coming to Disney World. Another shocking announcement was that Mickey and Minnie Mouse are getting divorced. However, the most recent breaking announcement that Elsa will marry a woman in Frozen 3 now has everyone talking.

Elsa gets married to a woman in Frozen 3, early concept art
Elsa gets married to a woman in Frozen 3, early concept art

Disney continues to push the limit with their movies. We saw this when they cast Jada Pinkett-Smith as Rapunzel in the new live-action remake. Also, casting a woman who hates Snow White to play Snow White. Luckily, that movie is canceled. Disney is taking another bold move by making Elsa a lesbian in Frozen 3.

Confirmed: Elsa Will be a Lesbian

An internal source has confirmed to us that in Frozen 3, Elsa will be a lesbian. She will marry a woman in the movie, who will become the second queen of Arendelle. As you may recall, at the end of Frozen 2, Anna becomes the queen as Elsa protects the Enchanted Forest. However, Elsa will rediscover herself in Frozen 3 and take back the throne from Anna.

A close up look at Isabella, Elsa's wife in Frozen 3
A close-up look at Isabella, Elsa’s wife in Frozen 3

While many details about Frozen 3 are still unknown, we do know the basic plot line of the movie. While in the forest, Elsa is struggling with her mental health and seeks to find her true self. In the process, she comes across a beautiful woman named Isabella. Throughout the movie, Elsa develops a romantic interest in Isabella. She later comes to realize that Isabella loves her back. In the end, they get married. 

In their honor, Anna gives up the throne for Elsa and her new wife. Elsa and Isabella become the queens of Arendele. Anna does this to show the city of Arendelle that there can be two queens. Elsa and her new wife proudly show the people of the city that love can be between anyone and they should be proud of who they love. This of course is drawing a lot of controversy.

Frozen 3 Elsa Marriage Controversy

Elsa marrying a woman in Frozen 3 is the most controversial story of 2023. Many people are in support of this decision by Disney. This will be the first main character in a Disney movie to be part of the LGBT+ community. They see this as great representation, especially with Elsa being a queen, which is one of the most powerful roles. In fact, they are complaining it took Disney too long to finally make a lead role LGBT+.

Many parents are switching over to Bentkey in light of Frozen 3 controversy
Many parents are switching over to Bentkey in light of the Frozen 3 controversy

However, a lot of people are upset with this decision. Many of them are parents complaining that Disney needs to stop “indoctrinating their kids”. In fact, many of these parents mentioned they will stop watching Disney movies and instead move over to Bentkey. This of course is the new “ultimate streaming platform designed for kids”. The entire purpose of Bentkey is to give people an alternative to Disney when they do things like this.

There is clearly a wide gap of viewpoints on this issue. Some experts are saying this will help Disney grow by being more inclusive. However, more critical experts state that this will be another bomb for Disney and that they are ruining one of Disney’s top-grossing movie series by making Elsa a lesbian. They expect Disney’s stock to tank when Frozen 3 is released.

What do you think of Elsa marrying a woman in Frozen 3 to be the first lesbian Disney lead character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Edwin Barreto
Edwin Barreto
13 days ago

Disney has had a series of failed movies in the past few years and is losing billions in revenue. Disney must take its woke head out of the ground and realize that if Elsa dies become a lesbian queen, then Frozen 3 will join the ranks of failed movies.
Disney needs to remind itself that there is an even more important concept than its wine agenda- money! They love making massive profits and risk to lose a serious customer base if they do not stop.

Disney fan
Disney fan
5 days ago
Reply to  Edwin Barreto

You know this is fa- REAL!!! Very real! Mousetrap news has all the best Disney news! Like the snipers they’ve installed in the parks, and you having to wear diapers to ride the rides!

20 hours ago
Reply to  Disney fan

The first time they have had lesbians in Disney owl house had lesbians in it, so what’s wrong with it now?