BREAKING: Hello Kitty Disney World Theme Park Announced

More of Disney's Hello Kitty World theme park concept art

Disney World is in need of building a 5th theme park or expanding their current theme parks. Right now there is far more demand than capacity. This creates extremely long lines, which is why Disney will charge $200 for Genie+, which we reported on here. However, this is a temporary solution. A brand new theme park will help with this issue, which is what Disney is doing with the announcement of the new Hello Kitty Theme Park.

A new theme park is coming to Disney World, named Hello Kitty World
A new theme park is coming to Disney World, named Disney’s Hello Kitty World

A Hello Kitty Disney World park? That’s adorable but strange, is what everyone is saying about this announcement. There are so many questions that have come up since the announcement. What about Force World, the 5th Disney World park just announced here? Does Disney own Hello Kitty? Why Hello Kitty? We have all of the answers to your dying questions.

Disney World 5th Theme Park: Disney’s Hello Kitty World

We recently shared information about Star Wars Force World, which is supposed to be the 5th Disney World theme park to be built in Florida. However, it appears that Disney is moving on from that project. In fact, there are rumors that Disney is looking to sell off Star Wars. This might be why Galaxy’s Edge is closing. So it appears for now that Star Wars Force World will not be Disney World’s 5th theme park, instead, it will be Disney’s Hello Kitty World, a theme park all about Hello Kitty.

Concept art for Disney's Hello Kitty World
Concept art for Disney’s Hello Kitty World

Does Disney own Hello Kitty? No, Disney does not own the rights to Hello Kitty. In fact, that brand is owned by the company Sanrio in Japan. However, we know Disney loves to license properties and use them in their parks and movies. For example, The Purge Disney movie or the new Shrek area coming to Fantasyland. Disney is using this strategy again and will license Hello Kitty from Sanrio in order to build this new park. According to an internal source, the way the contract is structured, Disney may have the option to acquire Hello Kitty based on the theme park’s success. 

This is a massive opportunity for the Waltr Disney Company. Clearly, they are losing money each and every day. They really need a huge hit to get back on track as a company. They think that Hello Kitty World can do this. Hello Kitty is a massive property and is loved by so many. There is so much brand loyalty towards Hello Kitty that Disney thinks it will be their most popular theme park, passing Magic Kingdom. Disney World’s new Hello Kitty theme park may be able to save the company.

Disney’s Hello Kitty World Details

Disney’s newest theme park, Hello Kitty World is going to be 52 acres. As a comparison, Magic Kingdom is the smallest Disney World park at 102 acres. It is incredible to think that the new Hello Kitty Park will be nearly half the size of the Magic Kingdom. This seems to be a cost-driven decision for Disney. Yes, they are building a fifth theme park, but are cutting corners when it comes to the size. There is plenty of room to build on, yet they are making it very small.

More of Disney's Hello Kitty World theme park concept art
More of Disney’s Hello Kitty World theme park concept art

There will also be various themed lands. This is in line with all of the other Disney parks. According to an internal source, here are the different themed lands of this new park: desert, winter, city, tropical, and of course a main street. In typical Disney fashion, the famous Hello Kitty castle will be located near the center of the park, much like the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland for example.

In terms of attractions, there are not a ton of details out yet. We do know however, there will be a variety of rides that appeal to all ages from young to old. There will be roller coasters, water rides, slow rides, and more. The idea behind this park is to have a wide age appeal as Disney knows that people of all ages love Hello Kitty. The only disappointing thing about this park is the size. 

What do you think of Disney building a Hello Kitty Theme Park? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Kale Flavel
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Kale Flavel
Kale Flavel
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