BREAKING: Marvel Theme Park Coming to Disney World

A look at the map for Marvel Infinity Kingdom coming to Disney World

Disney World is in dire need of expansion. There is far more demand than the parks can handle. This in turn is driving up wait times for the rides and leading to overcrowded parks. There are two ways Disney can fix this problem. First, raising the prices, which they keep doing, but people keep going. Alternatively, they can add another theme park to create more capacity, which Universal is doing. In breaking news, it was just announced that Marvel Infinity Kingdom, a new Marvel Theme Park, is coming to Disney World.

A look at the map for Marvel Infinity Kingdom coming to Disney World
A look at the map for Marvel Infinity Kingdom coming to Disney World. Photo via Sidekick Creative

Recently, we reported here that Force World was planned to be the 5th Disney World theme park. However, that dream did not become a reality. Star Wars continues to struggle, which led to the cancellation of this project. Then, Disney announced a Hello Kitty theme park. However, that was also canceled due to a lack of interest. As they say, the third time’s a charm, which Disney hopes is true with the announcement of Marvel Infinity Kingdom.

Marvel Infinity Kingdom – Disney’s Newest Theme Park

The announcement of Marvel Infinity Kingdom, the new Marvel theme park coming to Disney World, has Disney and Marvel fans excited. Marvel continues to be more popular each year, setting it up perfectly for a new theme park. In fact, Marvel is expected to be one of the largest segments of business for the Walt Disney Company in 2025 and beyond. So let’s dive into Marvel Infinity Kingdom.

Close up look at the Queens section of Marvel Infinity Kingdom
A close-up look at the Brooklyn section of Marvel Infinity Kingdom. Photo via Sidekick Creative

Disney World’s 5th theme park will be located off of World Drive, south of the Magic Kingdom and west of EPCOT. Of course, this is the same location Force World was going to be, which has now been canceled. This location is a great spot for a new Disney theme park because it easily sets up for monorail access. As we know, easy transportation around Disney World is key.

Marvel Infinity Kingdom is truly a theme park to marvel at. We want to thank Sidekick Creative Co, Instagram here, for providing us with this early concept art for this new Disney theme park. There are so many incredible details and gems hidden on the map. From the rides to the restaurants to the shops, there is so much to be excited for with the new Marvel Infitinity Kingdom coming to Disney World.

Additional Details on Marvel Infinity Kingdom

As you can see by the map above, Marvel Infinity Kingdom is split into many lands, just like Disney World parks. For example, Marvel Galaxy, Wakanda, and Avengers HQ just to name a few. Each area of the park has themed attractions, dining, and shops, per usual. You will also notice a wide variety of attractions in terms of thrill level. This allows the park to appeal to all ages from young to old.

Close-up look at Marvel Infinity Kingdom Wakanda area
Close-up look at Marvel Infinity Kingdom Wakanda area. Photo via Sidekick Creative

Some of the rides we are most excited about include Thor God of Coasters, Vibranium Runaway Mine Cars, and the Marvel Wheel, which is expected to be very similar to Pixar Pal-A-Round at Disneyland. We are also very excited about Soarin’ Across the MCU, which will be Marvel’s version of Soarin’. There will also be some cool and unique restaurants like Stan’s Burger Shack, Black Panther Rooftop Grill, and Delmar’s Deli.

While so far we only have the map concept art from Sidekick Creative, we are anxiously awaiting concept art for the rides. Many people are speculating this will be the greatest Disney World theme park ever made. It will essentially be Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure but on steroids. While there is no cost yet mentioned for this project, experts are expecting it to be the most expensive and immersive Disney World park in the world.

What do you think of Marvel Infinity Kingdom as the 5th theme park coming to Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 days ago

This article is quite misleading as this is literally just concept art by a design company and legally Disney has no rights to build any Marvel rides or parks in Florida, so this will likely never happen.