BREAKING: New Disney Theme Park, American Heartland

We uncovered that Disney is secretly behind American Heartland

Forever there have been rumors swirling about Disney’s next theme park. Some thought Disney would build their newest park in Ohio, while others expected it to be in New Jersey. However, neither of those speculated locations turned out to be right. In fact, breaking news reveals that Disney is building their newest theme park in Oklahoma and are naming it American Heartland.

We uncovered that Disney is secretly behind American Heartland project
We uncovered that Disney is secretly behind the American Heartland project. Photo via American Heartland

The rumor mill around Disney theme parks is always swirling. In fact, we recently reported here that the entire Disney World property is moving to New Orleans. We also reported here on Disney World’s 5th theme park, Force World. However, both of those projects were seemingly canceled due to this massive new $2 billion American Heartland theme park, which will be located in Oklahoma, off Route 66. 

Uncovering the American Heartland Disney Theme Park Scandal

We just uncovered the biggest theme park scandal of the century. Up until now, no one, except us, realized Disney is behind the American Heartland theme park project. It took long hours and serious investigative work to make this discovery. As soon as we saw that more than 20 “former” Disney Imagineers and park builders were working on this project, we knew something was fishy, so we started digging.

A look at Main Street USA in Disney's American Heartland
A look at Main Street USA in Disney’s American Heartland. Photo via American Heartland

The publicly facing parent company of this new project is Mansion Entertainment Group. However, after a deep Google search, almost nothing comes up on this company. It felt weird. In fact, everyone is comparing their theme park to Disney World and Disneyland. Then we remembered that history often repeats itself. When Walt Disney bought land for Disney World, he bought it under fake business names like “M.T. Lot”, “Reedy Creek Ranch Corporation”, and more. 

Walt was smart and did this to buy land cheaply. In fact, as soon as word got out that Disney was buying the land, prices skyrocketed in the area. The Walt Disney Company took this strategy from its playbook and executed it again. No one realized American Heartland was a Disney project, until our discovery just now. Mansion Entertainment Group is a play-off of the Haunted Mansion, one of Walt Disney’s favorite rides. It’s not a real company, but rather a fake one, used to purchase land and create this new Disney theme park in Oklahoma.

Disney’s American Heartland Coming Soon

According to an internal source, the official name will be Disney’s American Heartland. Prior to this, it was only referred to as American Heartland, so people didn’t know Disney was behind it. This is a $2 billion project with a set opening date of 2026. This will be the fastest a Disney park is ever built, with the project spanning just over 3 years. The park itself will be 125 acres, which is a similar size to Disney World and Disneyland of course.

Splash Mountain likely coming to Disney's American Heartland
Splash Mountain likely coming to Disney’s American Heartland. Photo via American Heartland

It’s also worth noting that the design of Disney’s American Heartland will follow the other Disney parks with a hub and spoke design, where the center is surrounded by themed lands. So far, the rides and land themes announced are all generic. Here is a list: Great Plains, Bayou Bay, Big Timber Falls, Stony Point Harbor, Liberty Village, and Electropolis. Sound familiar? Obviously, it does, because it’s another Disney park, built by Disney.

Now that we here at Mouse Trap News were able to bust this scandal wide open, we expect more specific details to come from Disney. What rides will be in the parks? Which Disney and Pixar IP will be represented? We certainly expect classic, American attractions like Haunted Mansion and Radiator Springs Racers to make an appearance in this park.

What do you think of Disney’s secret American Heartland project, which we just blew the roof off of? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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7 months ago

I think it’s going to ruin northeastern Oklahoma. It’s a sad thing.

6 months ago
Reply to  Amanda

This is a satire site, which in today’s world is a terrible thing. I used to love satire, but once upon a time you could easily tell the difference. You can’t any more. People are going to see this headline and think it is true. America’s Heartland is privately funded, has nothing to do with the current Disney empire (just a bunch of old, retired Disney Imagineers doing their thing) and it is going to be wonderful for the Oklahoma (and surrounding states) economy, as well as providing an affordable vacation spot for all of us non-coastals.