Casino Coming to Disney World Property

Disney World Casino

Not long ago Disney was seen as a place for families, especially for kids. However, there has been a surge of adults taking trips to Disney World and Disneyland without kids. This demographic shift has caused Disney to offer more experiences to the older crowd. We have seen this most recently with Adult Only Days as well as Castle Concerts. However, Disney has just announced their biggest project targeted to adults yet.

Disney will be opening a casino on their Disney World property in Florida! This is something we never would have expected to see at Disney World. The casino will be named Mickey’s Magical Casino. With Disney World being located in Florida, there are very few laws restricting them from building a casino. They needed to get approved for zoning, but no other significant permissions were needed from the Florida government.

Disney world opening casino in disney springs
New Disney Casino located next to House of Blues in Disney Springs

Mickey’s Magical Casino will be located in Disney Springs next to The House of Blues. This is the west side of Disney Springs where most of the night life happens and where adults tend to hang out. The west side is a prime location for the casino and will likely attract a lot of visitors during the day and even more at night.

Disney will offer everything a normal casino does, but it will have a Disney twist. They will have card games like poker and blackjack, but they will use Disney themed playing cards. The slot machines will be based on Disney IP as well. There will be ESPN, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney/Pixar, and Disney World themed slot machines. On top of all of this, Mickey’s Magical Casino will be the only casino in the world where you can gamble on Sabacc, the popular card game from Star Wars.

Concept art for new disney world casino
Mickey’s Magical Casino official concept art in Disney Springs

Guests will also be able to place bets on Disney events, which is awesome! This will be similar to sports betting, however all of the wagers will be made on things happening at Disney World that day. You will be able to bet on the over/under for the longest wait times for select attractions. You can also bet on the attraction that gets the longest wait time that day. This takes the concept of sports betting to a whole new Disney level and we anticipate it will be extremely exciting.

Will you bet that The Seven Dwarfs Mine train has a max wait time over 90 minutes during the day? Will you bet Star Wars Rise of the Resistance has the longest wait time of all attractions? Those are examples of things you will be able to bet on.

Mickey’s Magical Casino will also serve plenty of Disney style drinks similar to what you see across property. They will also have a full service kitchen, which will serve some of the best food on property. The casino isn’t just for adults. You do have to be 21 or older to enter the gambling area, but Disney will have a large arcade as well so kids can go there with their parents and play their own games without gambling. The project is expected to break ground in a few weeks and will be completed by late 2023 or early 2024.

Disney's casino food will be top notch, some of the best food and drinks on property
Food options will be similar to City Works at Disney Springs. Photo via

We think this is an incredible investment for Disney. What do you think? Will you visit Disney World’s casino when it opens? Or are they getting too far away from being a family destination by adding this?

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Gloria Huckeba
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Is Disney World Casino open?

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