Disney Adds Facial Recognition to Parks

Disney facial recognition used for new mind reading patent

Are you already concerned with how much data Disney collects about you? We recently reported that Disney is adding GPS and health app tracking to MagicBand+. Disney also collects data on guests through the My Disney Experience App. However, Disney is about to collect exponentially more data on you with facial recognition, so get ready.

Facial Recognition software is being implemented across the Walt Disney World Parks. According to a Disney announcement, the facial recognition software’s primary focus is to understand guest behavior. Disney has set up cameras all around their theme parks and will use this technology to monitor guests, optimize their days at the park, and enhance the Disney World experience now and for the future. They will also use the data they gather to optimize future attractions, dining, and even the traffic flow inside the parks. Their goal is to not spy on guests, but rather use it to make the parks a better guest experience.

Facial recognition coming to Disney Theme Parks
Disney adds facial recognition to Parks

The facial recognition software will connect to each guest’s My Disney Experience App and Disney’s new Genie service. Disney will be able to use the data points they collect on you in order to help optimize your day at the parks. They will study how you move through the Disney parks, which attractions you ride, where you eat, where you stop, how fast you walk, and more. They will pair this with confidential AI technology in order to optimize your day with Genie more than they already do.

Facial recognition is not a new technology. China is known for using facial recognition like this in their cities to track their citizens. There are a lot of similarities between what Disney is doing for facial recognition and what China is doing. However, Disney’s software is used to benefit guests and improve their experience at the parks, while China’s is for the government to keep tabs on citizens. Even though Disney is implementing facial recognition software in the parks for the guest’s benefit, we have concerns on the privacy and prefer Disney wasn’t implementing this technology. What do you think of facial recognition at Disney?

China and Disney facial recognition software inside disney theme parks
China facial recognition. Photo via Wired.com

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