Disney Announces New Cruise – Located Inside EPCOT

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Exciting news for Disney fans as Disney announced a brand new Cruise line. This new cruise will be located inside EPCOT! The 11-night cruise will take guests on a journey around World Showcase. Guests will have the opportunity to visit each country for one day. This unique experience promises to be a one-of-a-kind adventure for all Disney enthusiasts, especially EPCOT fans.

New Disney cruise coming to World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT
New Disney cruise coming to World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT

Disney is known for its creativity and innovative experiences. This new cruise is no exception. Guests will have the opportunity to explore and experience the cultures of each country in World Showcase. From the French pavilion to the Chinese pavilion, all while onboard the cruise ship. Guests will be fully immersed in the different cultures and traditions of each EPCOT country, providing a fun educational and eating opportunity for families.

Details on The New Disney Cruise Ship

The newest Disney Cruise ship will be fittingly named the Disney World. This name makes so much sense. Firstly, this is the first Disney cruise to happen on Disney World property. Second, the cruise is all about traveling around the world in EPCOT, so it just makes sense. The 11-night cruise will board guests at World Showcase Plaza. The ship will then stop at each country in World Showcase for one day. Guests will explore the pavilions, sample different cuisines, and participate in cultural activities and events. 

First look at the Disney World, the newest cruise ship coming to EPCOT!
First look at the Disney World, the newest cruise ship coming to EPCOT! Photo via Disney

From the delicious crepes of the French pavilion to a private showing of the American Adventure, there will be no shortage of unique experiences to enjoy. In addition to the cultural experiences, guests will also have access to all the amenities and entertainment that come with a Disney Cruise. On board, the ship will have state-of-the-art dining options, including both upscale restaurants and casual dining. They’ll also offer a variety of entertainment options such as live shows, movies, and themed parties. This is much like the other Disney cruise ships, for example, the newest ship, the Disney Wish.

At night, guests will be able to watch the new EPCOT fireworks from the cruise ship. The ship will remain docked at the port of the country they visited during the day while guests sleep. The next morning, the ship will move to the next country around World Showcase, where guests can go explore the new country for the day. They can also stay on the ship to experience the onboard fun and activities Disney offers.

Price and Logistics of the new EPCOT cruise ship

The new Disney World Cruise in EPCOT will attract a wide range of guests, from families to couples and even solo travelers. The combination of cultural immersion and classic Disney entertainment will be an unforgettable experience. However, this experience comes at a cost. It will cost about $20,000 for the whole trip for a family of four. That seems like a lot, but that includes 11 days in EPCOT, as well as all of the amenities on the ship.

Special MagicBand for EPCOT Cruise guests
Special MagicBand for EPCOT Cruise guests

As noted above, guests will not need to buy park tickets for this cruise, despite being in EPCOT every day. The park tickets are included in the price. However, the downside is guests on the cruise are not allowed to visit other parts of EPCOT. Disney will use special wristbands to track guests so they don’t visit other areas of the park. It’s the same technology they are using for the no ride ticket option we reported here. The other concern is the eyesore of a cruise ship inside of EPCOT. However, anything is better than the Harmonious barges

Disney has not yet announced an official launch date for the new cruise, but it is expected to be a highly anticipated event. According to an internal source, the new Disney World cruise is hopeful to set sail in early 2025. We expect guests to greatly enjoy this cruise. It allows you to sail the world, without sailing the world.

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