Disney Bringing Back Fastpass+ Due to Negative Feedback on Genie+

FastPass+ Returning to Disney World replacing Genie+

Lightning Lane and Genie+ has been a disaster for Disney World and Disneyland. It has not made the wait times shorter and now guests have to pay for the same service that was free just a few years ago. Disney has been under heavy criticism from some of the biggest Disney Parks fans since the launch of Genie+ and Lightning Lane.

Disney has decided to revert back to Fastpass+ due to the large outcry and heavy criticism of Genie+ and Lightning Lane. On Disney’s website, they said “We have heard our fans loud and clear. While the intention of Genie+ and Lightning Lane was to improve the guest experience, it appears it has taken away from the guest experience. We will be going back to the beloved and free Fastpass+ system”.

Fastpass+ returning to disney world
Fastpass+ announcement on Disney’s website

As a reminder, with Fastpass+ guests were able to book up to three Fastpasses 30 or 60 days ahead of their arrival to the parks. They could then book an additional Fastpass once they have used their first three passes and continue to book another pass with each one they use.

This allowed guests to get on more attractions without having to wake up early and be in the parks for rope drop. While Fastpass+ is still inferior to the original paper Fastpass, it is far better than Lightning Lane and Genie+. We are thrilled to have this coming back to the Disney Parks and is far better than the horrible line skipping system Disney has now.

fastpass+ returning to Disney World
Fastpass+ menu. Photo via undercovertourist.com

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Lynn Christiansen
Lynn Christiansen
1 year ago

Hi. Is Disney bringing fast pass back. We have genie + on our passes but it seems so complicated. Fast pass was so much better and being able to book rides before arriving was just perfect. If fast pass is coming back how does this affect genie +. Will it just change back to fast pass ? Awaiting your reply on this. We arrive in August.

1 year ago

Man!! Horrible news. I love Disney Genie plus better. Love donating my money to Disney