Disney Hiding Free Annual Passes Around Parks

Win a free Disney World Annual Pass
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The price of a Disney World Annual Pass rises each year. It’s starting to get to a point where it isn’t affordable for most people. The downside is this makes it harder for people to go to Disney. The upside is the crowds are lighter because Disney is price-blocking people from visiting their parks so frequently. Well, if you want free Disney World Annual Passes, start searching the bushes around Disney World, where you may find one hiding.

Disney hiding annual passes around their parks
Disney hiding annual passes around their parks. Photo via allears.net

Every once in a while, Disney runs promotions. For example, they are running a platinum ticket contest with Mickey Ice Cream Bars as we reported here. This is quite the contest, but of course, requires guests to spend money on overpriced ice cream bars for a chance to win a lifetime pass to Disney World. While Disney’s newest promotion won’t win you a lifetime pass to Disney World, it can get you into the parks for free for a year!

Details on Disney World Scavenger Hunt Contest

Disney World is now hiding Annual Passes around their theme parks in bushes and off the beaten path. Guests who find these annual passes get to keep them and use them. Like a normal annual pass, the countdown will begin the first time you activate it in a Disney World park. Then, it will expire one year after the first use. This is an incredible prize with an ARV of $1,400 since it’s an Incredi-Pass, which is the highest tier of the Disney annual passes.

Win a free Disney Incredi-Pass in new park wide scavenger hunt
Win a free Disney Incredi-Pass in a new park-wide scavenger hunt. Photo via Disney

Disney will hide 5 Annual Passes in each of their four theme parks every day. This means, across Disney World property on a given day, there will be 20 Annual Passes hiding around for people to find and win a free year at Disney World. The promotion is set to run during the summer, which is the busiest time at Disney World, making your chances of finding one slimmer. However, many people don’t know about this contest since we are the first source reporting on it. This means if people see it, they may just assume it’s lost and not do anything about it.

This is a really neat contest either way and has many guests hopeful of winning an annual pass for Disney World. This is all part of Disney’s 100th anniversary celebrations. In fact, it’s similar to the National Treasure hidden treasure experience coming to Tom Sawyer Island as we reported here. The only downside is that the Annual Passes will be spread around the park. This means it’s highly likely that only one person in your party will get an annual pass, which may lead to fights, like the one over a popcorn bucket.

Tips to Finding Free Disney Annual Passes

You must want tips on how to find one of these hidden Disney World annual passes in the park-wide scavenger hunt. First, Disney will hide all five Annual Passes in each park, every morning. This means that rope dropping and getting to the park early increases your chances of finding one. Once someone grabs one, it’s claimed and gone, so the earlier, the better. We suggest staying on Disney World property so you can get in during early magic hours. Check out our friends at The World of DVC here to book your Disney hotel at up to 65% off!

Win a free Disney World Annual Pass
Win a free Disney World Annual Pass

We also know that while the Annual Passes will be hidden in bushes and off the beaten path, they’re all hidden in areas easily accessible by guests. You will not need to reach more than 3 feet from you or go in restricted areas. Also, they will be hidden in the open park areas, not on rides. Basically, keep your eyes peeled in guest-accessible areas, and don’t jump out of your ride vehicles. We want to add, “hidden” is a loose term. The passes will be placed in highly visible areas. No need to dig around in bushes.

Our last tip is don’t run or fight over an Annual Pass if you find it. Both of these actions may cause Disney to take the Annual Pass away from you and ban you from the park. Cast Members will monitor the hidden Annual Passes from afar. This is to help when someone finds it and to prevent fights or people running for them. These Cast Members may kick you out for violating those rules.

What do you think of Disney hiding Annual Passes in bushes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Amazing!! I found 2 already! Sorcerer and pirate!! So cool!