Disney Launches New Cryptocurrency, DI$COIN

Disney cyptocurrency Di$coin now accepted at Disney World and ShopDisney

Cryptocurrencies have been a hot commodity in the past few years. Disney is getting into the cryptocurrency market with the launch of DI$COIN. This is a brand new cryptocurrency in the market. The starting price for one DI$COIN is $1.00.

DI$COIN Accepted at Disney Stores and ShopDisney
DI$COIN signs popping up in shops at Magic Kingdom

Disney will begin to accept DI$COIN online at ShopDisney as well as in their Theme Parks. According to Disney, they will begin accepting DI$COIN at Magic Kingdom first as a trial and roll it out to the other parks shortly after. In fact, we already saw signage at Magic Kingdom for DI$COIN in anticipation of its rollout. The amount of money each item will cost in DI$COIN will vary based on the fluctuating market value of one DI$COIN.

Although this is a digital cryptocurrency, Disney will sell commemorative DI$COIN in a physical form. This will be similar to buying Disney shareholder certificates. We do not yet know the price of a physical DI$COIN, but we anticipate it to be in the $20-40 range. These commemorative coins are a collectors item only and will not be accepted as legal tender. If this reminds you of Disney Dollars, you are not alone! There are many similarities, except the DI$COIN is virtual versus the physical Disney Dollar.

DI$COIN Physical Coin - The New Cryptocurrency of Disney
First look at Di$coin, Disney’s new cyrptocurrency

As of now, DI$COIN will only be accepted at ShopDisney and in the Parks. We eventually expect it to be accepted by Disney Subsidiaries. This is a large undertaking for The Disney Company. We are not sure what drove them to launch a cryptocurrency, especially during such hard economic times. We will continue to stay on top of this story and bring any additional news as it comes.

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