Disney Launching Design a Disney Ride Contest

Disney Design a Ride Contest

Disney wouldn’t be where it is today without the amazing imagineers that design and create the world class attractions in the Disney parks. Disney has had some incredible imagineers over time and continue to make great attractions. Being an Imagineer is a dream job of so many and you may be able to live out that dream with Disney’s new contest.

Disney is launching an imagineering contest where participants will be able to submit a concept for an attraction with the hopes Disney builds it in one of their theme parks around the world. There will be an entry form for this contest that requires participants to submit a name, concept, and drawing of a brand new attraction for a Disney park.

Disney design a ride contest for imagineering a new disney ride
Disney launching design a ride contest. Photo via Disney

This contest will be very open ended to allow for maximum creativity of those entering it. To enter, you need to come up with a name for your attraction, a description of it with a minimum of 2000 characters, a drawing or sketch of some sort, and a rationalization on why you chose what you did.

Disney will have a team that judges the submissions based on creativity, originality, and how well it fits with their future plans for their theme parks. For those who don’t have great sketching skills, it does not sound like that will have a heavy influence on choosing the winner, however, it certainly will help paint a picture for the judges.

Disney design a ride contest
Disney WESTCOT concept art. Photo via Disney

The attraction you design can be based on Disney IP or be a non IP attraction like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, The Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, and so on. Disney is leaving the door wide open for the contestants to be as creative as possible and limit the restrictions. It can also be a retheme to an existing ride or a brand new attraction.

Now for the coolest part. The winner of the contest will have their idea built into an attraction at one of the Disney parks around the world. That winner will also be paid a consulting fee to be a part of the project and help oversee the creative process of designing and building it, truly living out the imagineering experience.

Disney design a ride contest coming soon
Winner gets to be on the construction of their attraction. Photo via DisneyFoodBlog.com

The winner will not be involved in all of the elements of designing their attraction, however, they will be invited to brainstorming meetings as well as be flown into the park to see the construction process from the inside, test ride it, and be there on opening day! This is truly a remarkable experience for whoever wins the contest.

They will also receive a 5 year annual pass for them and up to three guests to experience any Disney park around the world. This is an extremely rare annual pass. Disney will also provide the winner with $15,000 in “travel money” to cover flight and hotel costs over these 5 years with their ultimate Disney annual pass.

This is an amazing experience and an awesome contest. Disney is going to get some incredible ideas from imagineers at home. We expect a top tier attraction to come out of it. We will certainly be entering the contest in hopes that we win.

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