Disney Launching Disney Music+, a New Music Streaming Service

Disney Music+ Streaming Service

Disney is known for their music. It is no surprise that some of the top streamed songs of all time are from Disney movies. Even Disney Parks are known for their musical soundtracks. Every year, tens of millions of people stream Disney Parks area music, Disney ride music, and much more. Disney is aware of their impact on the music industry and will be launching a new Disney Music streaming service in 2023.

Disney Music+ will be launching in 2023 and will be Disney’s own music streaming service. It will be very similar to other music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Disney Music+ will only have a paid option, there will be no free options with ads. This is exactly how Disney+ is run, so this comes as no surprise.

Disney adding music streaming service, Disney Music+
Official Disney Music+ Logo

The price for Disney Music+ for one month is $20 per user. If you pay upfront for a full year, you will save $5 per month, making it only $15 per month per user. It’s not yet clear if there will be a family payment options like Spotify and Apple Music. We do know there will be a discount for Disney Annual Passholders, Disney+ subscribers, and Disney Cast Members, however the actual discount value has not yet been announced.

You might be wondering why you would pay $20 a month for a Disney music streaming service when you can stream Disney music on other music streaming services or on Youtube. We just learned that Disney will be removing all of their music from Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms. They will also be cracking down hard on Youtube videos and other websites that use their music. Disney will actively be removing these due to copyright infringement.

Disney music+ service is coming in 2023
Disney is known for their incredible music. Photo via chipandco.com

With this strategy, Disney is making it near impossible for people to listen to their music unless they have it on a CD, vinyl record, or previously downloaded it from somewhere else. Streaming Disney music will become near impossible. Disney is actively hiring computer programmers to develop algorithms to find these videos and sites and remove any copyrighted Disney music from them.

The songs on Disney Music+ will be everything under the Walt Disney Company conglomerate. This will include songs from Disney and Pixar movies, the Disney theme parks, Marvel, Star Wars, and anything ABC, 20th Century Animation. This will be a massive collection of music and we certainly can see why Disney is jumping on this opportunity. This is another huge push Disney is making as part of their 100th anniversary celebration.

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