Disney Paving Over Trolley Tracks on Main Street USA to Prevent Future Injuries

Disney Paving Over Trolley Tracks

There is nothing better than seeing the entrance to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Whether you are parking at Disney World and taking the Ferry Boat or Monorail over to the park, taking a bus from the Disney resorts, or taking a Lyft to The Magic Kingdom using the Minnie Van service (which we hear is amazing)! That first glimpse of the Main Street USA Train Station is magical. Then you find yourself walking under the Main Street Station into the park, which will give you goosebumps as you make your way to your first attraction of the day. Then tragedy strikes! Someone in your party rolls their ankle in the trolley tracks on Main Street USA.

In a few weeks walking down Main Street will no longer be so dangerous at Disney World. Disney will be paving over all of the trolley tracks on Main Street USA. This may not come as a surprise. Everyone knows the pain of tripping over or rolling their ankle on the trolley tracks at Disney. Whether you are a Disney World Annual Passholder or you have been to Disney once, you have probably tripped over or stepped in the tracks and you know it doesn’t feel good. Every year, thousands of people get injured from stepping in or on the trolley tracks at Disney World. In fact, one woman was almost paralyzed at Magic Kingdom after getting her foot caught in the tracks and falling during rope drop.

Disney World trolley tracks at magic kingdom will be paved over
Dangerous Trolley Tracks at Magic Kingdom to be Paved over. Photo via MickeyBlog.com

In a Disney announcement, they said they would be paving over the trolley tracks one section at a time. They will put up construction walls around the small section, pave over it, then once it’s dried they will do the next section. They are breaking it up into these sections so it doesn’t create a huge eyesore for guests as well as a way to not completely block off Main Street and impact the flow in the park. This project is only expected to take a week to complete.

You might be wondering, what about the trolleys that run on the tracks. Disney will still have the trolley cars, however they won’t drive on the tracks. They will continue to take the same path they always have taken, they just won’t be locked into tracks. They also won’t have to worry about trolley cars derailing as pictured below. Although it will be sad to walk down Main Street USA without the trolley tracks, this is done for the safety of the guests and makes a lot of sense.

Main Street USA Trolley at Disney World
Main Street USA trolley derails. Photo via BlogMickey.com

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