Disney Replacing Haunted Mansion With New Restaurant

Concept art for new Haunted Mansion Restaurant, Madame Leota's Hideaway. Photo via Disney

Haunted Mansion is known for its cult following. In fact, it has one of the largest fan bases of any Disney ride. It isn’t clear what people love about the Haunted Mansion, but we know that they love it. Which is why it was announced that Disney is replacing the Haunted Mansion with a new restaurant.

Concept art for new Haunted Mansion Restaurant, Madame Leota's Hideaway. Photo via Disney
Concept art for new Haunted Mansion Restaurant, Madame Leota’s Hideaway. Photo via Disney

As we’ve touched on before, Disney food is extremely popular. In fact, Disney is even offering a park ticket just for eating food. Of course, there was also the inmate who wanted their last meal to be at Disney World. People love Disney food, especially when it’s paired with a great theme. This is right where the new Haunted Mansion restaurant at Disney World comes into play.

Haunted Mansion Closing for New Restaurant

In a shocking announcement, Disney will be permanently closing the Haunted Mansion. This is to make way for the brand new restaurant appropriately named “Madame Leota’s Hideaway”. The name of course alludes to Madame Leota, one of the most famous Haunted Mansion characters. Also Hideaway is because of the nature of the restaurant, tucked in the back of the park, where the Haunted Mansion currently resides.

Haunted Mansion may be closing permanently per new rumors
Haunted Mansion closing permanently for a new restaurant. Haunted Mansion photo via Disney

Many people are surprised that Disney would close such a well-known and well-loved attraction like the Haunted Mansion. However, this isn’t the first time the ride has faced closure. In fact, we reported here that the ride was going to be rethemed to Ghostbusters. However, those plans seem to now be canceled. Instead, Disney will close the Haunted Mansion and replace it with a restaurant.

The reason behind the closure makes a lot of sense and boils down to money. Disney doesn’t directly make money on their rides, however, they do make a lot of money on their food and drinks. They know that the Haunted Mansion is one of the most beloved parts of Magic Kingdom. Disney is appealing to that love by turning the ride into a restaurant. It seems controversial, but Disney knows people will be dying to dine there and will pay top prices for the food.

Madame Leotas Hideaway

Madame Leotas Hideaway will be a sit-down restaurant that will require reservations. It will be a lot like Cinderella’s Royal Table or Be Our Guest. While the final menu isn’t released, we know that the food will be fairly standard and everything on the menu will be themed to the Haunted Mandison of course. Disney knows how to take a theme and run with it.

A look at some drinks coming to Disney's new Haunted Mansion restaurant. Photo via Disney
A look at some drinks coming to Disney’s new Haunted Mansion restaurant. Photo via Disney

Not only will guests be able to get food, but they will also offer plenty of drinks as well, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. For those playing along at home, there are very few restaurants inside the Magic Kingdom that offer alcoholic beverages, so this is certainly a rarity. Disney expects the new Haunted Mansion restaurant to be a huge hit.

Some of the food items include the Hatbox Hamburger, The Ghost Host Toast, and Constance’s Chicken Parm. Meanwhile, some of the drinks include Madame Leota’s Hard Lemonade, Pricilla’s Piña Colada, and Fred’s Florida Sour. Of course, all of these foods tie back to the attraction. This new Disney restaurant has a lot of people excited, however, we expect it to be one of the most expensive restaurants at Disney World.

What do you think of Disney closing the Haunted Mansion to make way for a new restaurant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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27 days ago

Its totally ridiculous that Disney closed the haunted mansion ride permanently just to make way for a excuse my Language a s*** a** rich style restaurant