Disney Tasing and Pepper Spraying Their Guests

You may get pepper sprayed at Disney if caught running.

Disney World is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth” promoting it as a place of whim and magic. However, not everything at Disney World is magical. From a man losing his hands on Space Mountain to forcing guests to pay for Wi-Fi, sometimes bad things happen at Disney World. That is just the case with Disney now tasing and pepper spraying guests as a controversial form of crowd control.

Disney now pepper spraying and tasing guests
Disney now pepper spraying and tasing guests as a form of crowd control

Sometimes decisions at Disney seem to be made in a vacuum with no consideration of the public reaction to them. This was most prominent with the announcement that Mickey Mouse would be replaced by Figment as the official Disney mascot. Also, Disney implemented a one child policy. Both of these decisions were very controversial and the public didn’t respond well to them, which seems like a natural reaction. Now, Disney is opening that can of worms again by tasing and pepper spraying their own guests. As Stephanie Tanner would say, “How rude!”.

Disney Guests Getting out of Hand

Each year, guests at Disney World get more rowdy and rambunctious. This not only causes problems between guests, but also with Cast Members, who are just trying to do their jobs. For example, we saw a full out brawl over a popcorn bucket here. Then, a man was arrested after gluing himself to a Splash Mountain log here. Of course, this is no surprise, people in general are getting dumber each and every year. Unfortunately, the disease is impacting Disney World as well.

Fights like this are forcing Disney to tase and pepper spray guests
Fights like this are forcing Disney to tase and pepper spray guests

There is one other thing plaguing Disney World and that is people running in their parks. Safety is somewhat important to Disney, which is why running is not allowed inside their theme parks. However, people still exploit that rule and will jog to rides at rope drop. This is extremely dangerous, especially when pushing a stroller. Each year this issue gets worse. Now, Disney can hardly control people running to attractions when the park opens.

It may come as a surprise, but thousands of people are injured each year after being trampled at rope drop. It’s actually worse than the Running of the Bulls EPCOT experience. Now, Disney isn’t seen as a very safe place to visit for families. Disney has no other option to control crowds than to tase and pepper spray people violating the no running rule and other rules at Disney World.

Getting Tased and Pepper Sprayed at Disney World

Disney is now equipping their Cast Members with tasers as well as pepper spray to protect themselves and others from dangerous guests. It’s left at the discretion of the armed Cast Members whether or not they should taser or pepper spray a guest violating rules. Before you get too concerned that Disney is arming their employees, there are safeguards in place.

You may get pepper sprayed at Disney if caught running.
You may get pepper sprayed at Disney if caught running. Photo of Police via Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

First off, Cast Members must pass a training course and be certified to carry and use their taser and pepper spray. They also will undergo an investigation anytime they use one of these defense mechanisms. In fact, if Disney deems their use of one of their tools as unjust, they will be suspended without pay and potentially fired. Disney is setting high standards for using these tools to ensure they aren’t mishandled and overused on guests.

The main reason you may get tased or pepper sprayed at Disney is if you are running. There are other scenarios as well, however, that’s the biggest one. This is a big deterrent to prevent people from running at rope drop. In fact, so far 8 guests have been tased at Disney World since implementing this and Disney is already seeing a significant decline in people running. However, if this starts becoming ineffective, Disney may bring out a firehose and start spraying people who are breaking the rules.

What do you think of Disney tasing and pepper spraying people as a way of enforcing the rules? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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