Disney World Adding Slot Machines to Ride Lines

Disney World is adding slot machines to their theme park's ride lines

In this world, there are a few combinations that people can’t resist. Peanut butter and jelly, steak and ketchup, and of course slot machines and Disney World. In fact, we reported here on Disney opening a casino at Disney Springs. There is just something about Disney World that makes people want to gamble, which is why Disney World is adding slot machines to their ride lines.

Disney World is adding slot machines to their theme park's ride lines
Disney World is adding slot machines to their theme park’s ride lines

As we all know, lines are a very important aspect of Disney World. For example, the woman suing Disney because the lines were “too long”. Also, Disney is even making a ride called “The Line”, which is just standing in a line. But now, they are taking a very bold approach by adding slot machines to their lines at Disney World.

Disney World Slot Machines in Lines

Everyone knows how long lines can be at Disney World. In fact, we saw a record-breaking 8-hour wait time on New Year’s Eve, which we reported on here. The lines at Disney World continue to get longer and people are getting bored and anxious. In this age of technology, humans need constant stimulation or they will get bored. This is creating some issues when it comes to the guest experience at Disney World. This is part of the reason they are adding slot machines.

A look at the casino coming soon to Disney Springs
A look at the casino coming soon to Disney Springs

Disney wants to keep people engaged and stimulated in these long lines. Slot machines are a great way to do that. It gives people mental stimulation as well as the excitement of potentially hitting a big payoff. The other and more obvious reason is to make more money. As we know, Disney is trying to squeeze every penny out of their guests. What better way to make money than through Disney-themed slot machines? In fact, slot machines are some of the most profitable things a company can add to its business.

As we all know, slot machines are extremely addictive. So why not put slot machines in front of people who are just standing in line for an hour or more? This is an incredible business model. The lights, sounds, and potential payoff will immediately suck people in to play the games. In fact, slot machines in Disney World lines are expected to earn Disney an extra $5 billion each year.

Disney Line Slot Machine Logistics

As you might imagine, many people have concerns over Disney adding slot machines to their lines. First off, people fear that it will increase the wait time significantly because there will be backups. Luckily, there is a new rule that if someone is actively playing a slot machine in line, you can skip them with no repercussions. The player can then rejoin the line whenever they are done playing their slot machine. This will mitigate any potential backups with the line.

People are thrilled to play slots while in line at Disney World
People are thrilled to play slots while in line at Disney World

Also, according to official statements, “Adding slot machines to Disney lines is an effort to enhance the guest experience. Because this is happening within a theme park, there is no age restriction of players. That means your 3 year old can play slots in line too. This is an effort to be inclusive and not ageist.” However, many people worry that allowing kids to play slot machines could have some serious repercussions and cause addictions and future harm to the kids.

On the other hand, many people are excited about this. The idea of playing slots while waiting for Disney rides is very fun and makes waiting in line far more enticing. They also know that they could win tens of thousands of dollars, which would easily cover the cost of their trip. This could be a revolutionary business model that theme parks around America pick up if successful.

What do you think of Disney World adding slot machines to their lines? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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