Disney World Eliminating Paper Maps in 2024

Disney will no longer offer paper park maps in 2024 and beyond

Disney World and Disneyland offer a few free souvenirs. This includes special event buttons, luggage tags, transportation trading cards, and more. They used to even have paper Fastpasses (back when Disney trips were magical). However, those are now extinct, and soon the most popular free Disney souvenir will join that list.

Disney will no longer offer paper park maps in 2024 and beyond
Free Disney souvinirs are the highlight of any Disney World trip. Photo via bestoforlando.coom

Disney will be officially eliminating paper park maps by the year 2024. Disney will be offering paper maps through their 100th Anniversary celebration in 2023, but will no longer offer them starting in January of 2024.

There is nothing more fun than collecting Disney park maps. Not only are they a fun and free souvenir, they also become a small little historical collection if you collect them over the years. The maps take you back to what the parks used to look like and be a nostalgic reminder of some of the old restaurants and attractions at your favorite parks.

We love taking a stroll down memory lane and looking back at the maps from our first trips to Disney and remembering the good times. We have conversations like “I still miss Mickey and Minnie’s house” or “I totally forgot about The Backlot Tour, my how I miss it.” Disney is putting an end to these nostalgic conversations by eliminating the paper park maps.

Disney removing paper park maps forever at disney world in 2024
Old Disney maps always bring nostalgia and are a great collectible

There are a few reasons why they are eliminating the park maps. First off, Disney has invested a ton of money into their My Disney Experience app. This of course holds all of the details about Disney in it from your Genie+ reservations (booooo) to information about rides and restaurants, including their menus. And of course, they have the park maps built into the app.

Disney is also saving a lot of money by not printing the maps. Disney World sees 60 million visitors a year on average. If even half of the people grab a park map, that’s 30 million maps. If each map costs $0.10, which we think is likely, Disney is spending $3 million on maps a year, and that is just for Disney World. This is a cost they can easily cut from their expenses by having guests use the map on their My Disney Experience app.

Disney will stop making disney parks maps in 2024 due to cost
Looking at old Disney parks maps is always nostalgic, how Disney will be eliminating them in 2024

The last reason Disney has decided to stop printing paper maps comes from an environmental concern standpoint. They claim the maps create an excess amount of waste and they’re trying to become more environmentally friendly. We reached out to multiple environmental scientists to back up this claim. They all came to the consensus that while it would have a positive impact on the environment, the impact is still basically nothing. The concluded that Disney is likely just trying to milk a positive environmental statement even though it’s barely having an impact.

Getting rid of paper Disney World park maps is so sad for us. These are the best free souvenirs at Disney World. What do you think about Disney getting rid of their paper maps? Is it a good idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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Samuel Collins
Samuel Collins
1 year ago

This website is bullsh*t! Grow up boy, when are you going to be honest!? This website is full of lies! Plus, Animal Kingdom is not closing! PS: I contacted WDW about your lie about Animal Kingdom closing. Grow Up!

1 year ago

What about those people who don’t have smart phones, how are they supposed to find their way around the Park? The other is simply don’t as many as they do, print half the amount.

10 months ago
Reply to  Bryan

This is a satirical news website, but unlike sites like The Onion, articles often lack any notion of humour, and end up being just lies.