Disney World Entrance Sign Will be Permanently Removed

The moment you pass under the Disney World entrance sign is one of the most magical moments on Earth. It’s at this point that you leave the reality of the world and enter the magic of Disney. However, we have some sad news to share. The famous Disney World entrance sign will be removed permanently for a rather sad reason.

Disney World permanently removing iconic entrance sign
Disney World permanently is removing the iconic entrance sign

Driving under the Disney World entrance sign brings joy to everyone who visits Disney World. This iconic sign officially welcomes guests to the Walt Disney World property. If it’s your first time visiting, this will be a moment you will remember forever. If you have been to Disney World many times, driving under that sign will bring back nostalgia. It reminds you of the start of something amazing and the joy that will soon follow.

The announcement of Disney permanently removing this iconic sign comes as a huge disappointment to Disney fans. However, this isn’t the first time Disney has announced a significant change. Last week we reported here that Mickey Mouse will be replaced by Figment as Disney’s mascot. Also here, we broke the news that Cinderella Castle is being removed permanently as well.

Why is Disney World Removing Iconic Entrance Sign?

The decision to remove the Disney World entrance sign comes down to the safety of their guests. Disney has seen a rise in safety issues in their parks. In fact, a man was seriously injured on Space Mountain and a different man was injured by an ECV inside Disney World. Things are not going Disney’s way in terms of safety. This is a chance to rectify another serious danger on Disney World property.

Disney World entry sign is being destroyed
The Disney World entry sign is being destroyed. Photo via wdwnt.com

Every year, hundreds of people are injured in car accidents near the Disney World entrance sign. In fact, over the past few years, there have been thousands of car accidents and injuries because of this sign. This sign is iconic and when passing under it, drivers often get distracted. It’s these distracted drivers that cause havoc on the road and people are getting injured because of it.

When people see the glorious Disney World entry sign, they oftentimes slow down and take their eyes off the road as their family gets a photo for the Gram. In doing this, they create a hazard on the road for the other drivers. This often ends in minor fender benders to sometimes multiple car pile-ups. This is extremely dangerous for everyone.

Disney taking down iconic entrance sign
Disney is removing their iconic entrance sign. Photo via wdwnt.com

Despite the multiple signs warning drivers to stop for photos, car accidents still happen. Disney installed those signs in hopes they could reduce accidents on the road. However, they haven’t done so. Because of that, Disney has made the tough decision to remove the entrance sign altogether.

What do you think of Disney removing the famous entrance sign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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This is fox news reporting from New York and just saying everything mousetrap news saying is fake because i looked on most other websites and there is nothing like this on any of the other websites so yeah Mousetrap news if lying don’t believe Mousetrap news.

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30 days ago

hold up this looks faker than fake