Disney World is Banning All Kids From Their Parks

Disney World is banning all kids from their theme parks

Disney World is banning all kids from their parks. According to an official statement, “Kids continue to be a problem at Disney World. They hinder the experience of other guests with their crying, strollers, and creating longer wait times.

Disney World is banning all kids from their theme parks
Disney World is banning all kids from their theme parks

Because of this, Disney World is officially banning all kids 18 and under from entering the theme parks. Guests can still bring their pets, even if their owner considers them their kids.” This announcement is a shock to many, but it shouldn’t be.

Previously, Disney announced Adult Only Days, which we reported on here. This was their first effort to move away from kids and families. Then, they announced that guest could bring their pets to Disney.

They are catering to millennials and Gen Z Disney Adults who hate children and love pets. In fact, this is one of Disney’s top spending consumers. Disney knows that these people love to spend their money on experiences and stuff. This is the perfect combination. They continue to buy Disney World park tickets and stock up on merchandise while they are there.

By banning children from Disney World, they hope to enhance the Disney Adult experience, so they are willing to spend more and come back. However, many parents are stunned and saddened that they can no longer bring their kids to Disney World.

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Michael Eisner
Michael Eisner
13 days ago

Hello. I am Michael Eisner, the current Disney CEO. We will also send the darned children to the local bar, maybe so they can be true adults.