Disney World is Eliminating All Lines From Their Rides

Disney is removing the lines on their rides

When people talk about the worst part of Disney World, many people mention the lines. In fact, the parks continue to get busier and the lines get longer, despite the price going up. In fact, with Disney requiring guest uniforms, the cost of a Disney trip will go up even more. Well, Disney finally has a solution to keep lines shorter and it’s by eliminating lines altogether.

Disney World is eliminating all lines from their rides
Disney World is eliminating all lines from their rides

Disney World is known for its lines. In fact, they announced “The Line”, which is an attraction that is just waiting in line. They see this as a breakframe way to appeal to guests and it sounds really interesting. Also, the announcement that Disney is eliminating all lines makes this attraction even more desirable. Put that aside, Disney World will no longer have lines and people are mostly excited.

Disney is Eliminating All Lines

In a shocking announcement, all lines at Disney World will be going away. This announcement has a lot of guests excited as many people complain about how long the lines are at Disney World. In fact, just the other week we reported here on a woman actually suing Disney because the lines are too long. While Disney removing lines altogether isn’t connected to this lawsuit, it could have played a role. However, Disney has a different reason to remove the lines, which we will touch on shortly.

Instead of waiting in lines, you can soon hang out around the Disney World park
Instead of waiting in lines, you can soon hang out around the Disney World park

Instead of waiting in line, all Disney World rides will have virtual queues. This is how Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind operated and currently how Tron Lightcycle is. Essentially, guests join the virtual queue through their My Disney Experience app. The app will assign them a return time for the ride. The guests then show up at that time and scan their MagicBand to ride the ride.

Disney will be applying this system to all of the rides inside their parks. However, it will operate more like Lightning Lane. Guests will choose an attraction they want to ride, pick an available return time, and when that time is up, go to the ride. Guests can have up to two ride reservations at one time. For example, you may have a Space Mountain reservation for 8:00 PM and a Jungle Cruise reservation for 10:00 AM. Once you scan your MagicBand at Jungle Crusie, you can secure another reservation.

Why is Disney World Eliminating Lines?

Disney is eliminating lines because when you’re not in line, you’re spending money. Essentially, if a ride has a 60-minute wait, your reservation will be for 60 minutes from the time you make it. However, instead of standing in a tightly wound line, you are walking around the Disney World parks. So what are you going to do to fill the time? Disney bets you will go into the stores and restaurants to pass the time.

Disney may add a paid interactive experience with new virtual queue system
Disney may add a paid interactive experience with their new virtual queue system. Photo via Disney

While some people might just hang out on a park bench, others will likely spend that time shopping and eating, which is what Disney wants you to do. Also, according to an internal source, Disney is looking to add paid interactive experiences across their parks. It’s not clear what this will be yet, but will likely be like Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom, but requires you to pay to play. 

These interactive experiences would keep you busy while you wait and put more money in the pocket of the mouse. However, it’s not just about money. Disney expects this new model to have a positive impact on the guest experience. Guests will be able to freely roam the parks instead of being trapped in lines for hours. While they may have to wait a few minutes when their reservation time is up, it will be far shorter than if it were a normal stand by queue.

What do you think of Disney World eliminating all lines from their parks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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