Disney World Offering Buy One Get One Free Tickets

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Visiting Disney World gets more expensive every single year. This is partially due to inflation, but mostly due to Disney’s greed. They know that they can continue to raise their prices and people will still visit their world-class theme parks. Because of this, guests are always looking for ways to save money at Disney. Now they can with the buy one get one free Disney World ticket discount.

In a shocking announcement, Disney World tickets are buy one get one free
In a shocking announcement, Disney World tickets are buy one get one free

It’s rare for Disney to offer discounts for their guests. However, sometimes, Annual Passholders can get discounts on food and shopping. Otherwise, there are very few deals at Disney. In fact, they even have plans to charge guests for Wi-Fi, which we reported on here. Also, they are adding toll booths inside their parks to make more money. Luckily, Disney is offering a magical discount, buy one get one free tickets, but it isn’t as great as it sounds.

Disney World Buy One Get One Free Tickets

Have you ever seen the signs for discount Disney tickets and wondered if they are real? Usually, they aren’t. So when it comes to saving money on Disney World tickets, there aren’t a lot of great options. If you know someone who works for Disney World, they can help you out, but that is about it. Of course that all changes now with this new BOGO ticket offer for Disney World.

Disney World's newest offer is buy one get one free tickets
Disney World’s newest offer is buy one get one free tickets

You heard us right, Disney World is offering buy one get one free tickets. For example, if you buy a five-day park pass, you will get another five-day park pass free. This five-day pass can be used by yourself or another family member. Like many BOGO deals, the free tickets are of equal or lesser value. In other words, you can’t buy a two-day no Parkhopper ticket and get a two-day Parkhopper ticket for free.

However, with any good news around Disney, there is a catch. Disney is doubling the prices of all of their tickets. So in the end, the cost is going to be exactly the same. For example, buying a four-day Disney ticket and getting a four-day ticket for free at double the price is the exact same as buying two four-day tickets at the current prices.

Why is Disney Doing This?

The reason Disney is offering the BOGO ticket “deal” is to make more money. Yes, as we just noted, the discount cancels out with the doubled price. However, there are a few benefits to Disney taking this approach and offering this discount and one might consider it a genius move by Disney.

Disney's buy one get one free ticket deal leaves guests disappointed
Disney’s buy one get one free ticket deal leaves guests disappointed. Photo via Disney

The first and most obvious benefit is the marketing and PR that comes from this announcement. When they say Disney World tickets are buy one get one free, people lose their minds. This becomes a huge marketing campaign because people won’t realize initially that the prices are doubled. Instead, they get sucked in by the headline and start talking about it and tagging their friends. People love discounts and just saying Disney tickets have a BOGO deal gets people interested.

Disney then has two other ways they will make more money. First off, anyone who buys Disney World tickets and doesn’t take advantage of the BOGO offer, Disney makes double the money on them. Also, they will get more sales from people who think they are getting a good deal when in reality it’s the same price. It’s kind of like shopping at Kohl’s and paying $100 for a coffee maker that was marked up to $200 and 50% off when it should be $100 to start.

What do you think of Disney World’s buy one get one free ticket offer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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