Disney World Removing Seat Belts on All Rides

Disney is removing seat belts from the Tower of Terror

Disney World is removing the seat belts on all rides. They’re doing this to make them more thrilling and reduce wait times. According to a top engineer, on most theme park rides, seat belts are merely an illusion of safety.

Disney is removing seat belts from all rides
Disney is removing seat belts from all rides

In reality, they don’t actually have much of an impact. This can be explained by physics. Essentially, the force from the rides pushes the guests back in their seats. Having a seat belt doesn’t make the guests any safer. By removing the seat belts, guests will feel more liberated on the ride and psychologically give them a bigger thrill. On top of that, this will reduce wait times.

Checking for seat belts increases the cycle time of rides, which means that fewer people can go on each ride in an hour. By removing this hurdle, Disney will be able to dispatch ride cars faster, cycling through more people per hour, thus reducing the wait times.

However, not everyone is in love with this. In fact, many people are afraid of Disney rides and don’t trust the experts. Because of this, Disney will soon start selling transportable seat belts for only $50 per belt. Essentially, you can buy a universal seat belt that works with every Disney ride and can wear it at your leisure.

Disney will not be checking if you have one or not, so it will be up to you if and when you want to use it. Many people will opt for using one on rides like Tower of Terror, while others won’t use them on rides like it’s a small world.

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