Disney World Shutting Off All Showers at Hotels

Disney World turning off showers at all hotels
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Disney World is home to 32 amazing resorts and hotels. They offer a wide variety from value resorts to deluxe resorts. Staying at Disney World can be expensive. Luckily we are partners with The World of DVC, where you can book Disney resorts for up to 65% off here! However, we just learned some strange news about Disney World resorts. Disney will be shutting off all showers at their hotels and instead encouraging guests to shower in the rain.

Disney World turning off showers at all hotels
Disney World is turning off showers at all hotels

There have been some unfortunate changes to the guest experience at Disney World recently. This includes Disney World going cash only as we reported here. Also, the news we shared here that all guests are required to cover up all tattoos. Funky changes are happening at Disney World. However, none are as wild as Disney resorts shutting off the water to the showers at their resorts and hotels.

Can I Shower at Disney World?

The answer to this question depends on whether or not you like showering in the rain. Disney is planning to shut off water to all showers on Disney World property. There are a few reasons for this decision. The first one is to save money. As we reported in the article here about Disney adding a new 25% “Mickey Mouse Tax”, Disney is struggling to generate revenue, especially in their theme park segment. The other issue is Environmental, Social, and Governance guidelines, but we will get to that.

Disney will provide guests with shampoo to shower in the rain
Disney will provide guests with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to shower in the rain

The struggle to generate revenue continues for Disney. If they can’t make money, one thing they can do to help their financials is to reduce costs. Cutting off water to all showers on property will save Disney millions of dollars each week in water bills. Disney World has 30,000 hotel rooms, if one person per room showers each day, that is 30,000 showers. On average, each person uses 16 gallons of water per shower. That’s almost 500,000 gallons of water used from showers in one day at Disney World.

According to an internal source, the cost to support all of these showers is continuing to skyrocket. This is one expense Disney sees they can easily trim back on by shutting off the water to all showers. Disney suggests guests shower outside in the rain instead. They will continue to provide shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in travel bottles for guests to bring outside with them when it rains. However, all guests showering outside will need to be clothed or in a bathing suit. This certainly sounds controversial, but Disney is rolling the dice on this one.

Showering Outside at Disney World

Another huge appeal to investors is the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) score. Investors make decisions based on how high the ESG score is for companies. Disney raised their score slightly by replacing American Flags with pride flags as we reported here. They expect turning off all showers on property will bump their score even higher. Disney will use almost 200,000,000 fewer gallons of water a year by shutting off the water in the showers. This will raise their ESG score and apparently encourage investors to invest more in them.

Disney World bans showering in effort to be more sustainable
Disney World bans showering in an effort to be more sustainable. Photo via Disney

Also, showering outside itself increases the ESG score. This is seen as an environmental positive despite how silly it is in reality. Do ESG scores make sense and actually show value in a company? No, of course not. However, it’s a metric investors look at. So by Disney banning all showers on property and forcing guests to shower outside, the investors are happy, but the customers are not. Unhappy customers mean bad business, so this is a very interesting move to say the least.

We reached out to many guests for their opinion on Disney World shutting off all showers on property. Most guests were very upset. However, a few guests mentioned they loved the idea, as they snacked on some granola. They mentioned it’s a win-win, Disney saves money and we save the environment. While there is no set date for Disney to shut off the water to all resort showers, we expect it to happen soon.

What do you think of Disney shutting off the water to their hotel showers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Martin Wells
Martin Wells
11 months ago

Before doing away with the showers Disney should consider group showering, preferably with people of all different sexes showering together.

John Williams
John Williams
11 months ago

I’m done with Disney- was going to take my grandkids there but now we’ll go to Seaworld

John Williams
John Williams
11 months ago

Was going to take my grandkids to Disney but now I’ll take them to Seaworld