Disney World Will Fire All Cast Members by 2030

All Disney Cast Members will be replaced by AI Robots in 2030

Disney World will fire all Cast Members by 2030. They will be replaced with AI robots, which means nearly 100,000 people will be laid off by Disney.

All Disney Cast Members will be replaced by AI Robots in 2030
All Disney Cast Members will be replaced by AI Robots in 2030

This is an effort to reduce costs and save money. According to an internal source, these Cast Member robots will be smarter, kinder, and more effective than humans. Disney is known for their employees and the magic they bring to guests.

However, these AI robots will be able to bring more magic to the guests than humans. On top of that, they will be programmed to know more than even the best Cast Member. The AI robots will be phased in starting in 2025 and slowly replace humans working at Disney.

They will begin with Cast Members at restaurants and shops and slowly phase them into the front of the park and the attractions. This is not the first time Disney has used robots in their parks.

We reported here on Disney using robots to increase wait times so people would pay for Genie+. However, many people are afraid of this change to Disney World. They fear that this is the start of robots taking over the world and our jobs.

On the other hand, some guests see this as a positive. They trust that this will make the Disney experience even better, especially since it has been lacking for the past few years.

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