Disney World Will Soon Charge for Wi-Fi in Parks

A visit to Disney World in 2023 requires a strong internet connection. Long gone are the days when you didn’t need a phone to visit Disney World. Everything at Disney now revolves around a smartphone and the My Disney Experience app. However, Disney is throwing a big wrench in that by charging money for their Wi-Fi.

Disney World now charging for Wi-Fi in their parks and hotels
Disney World will soon charge for Wi-Fi in their parks and hotels

Using Wi-Fi at Disney World is critical nowadays. You need it to book your Genie+ and Lightning Lane passes. Also, it’s necessary for making ride reservations on Cosmic Rewind. It’s even used to make dining reservations and check wait times, though that is optional. One might suggest you can just use your cell data to make these changes, however, soon that won’t be possible either.

How Much Will Disney World Wi-Fi Cost?

It will soon cost guests at least $25 per day to access the internet at Disney World. This is a drastic change from what is typically a free service offered by Disney at their resorts and inside their theme parks. In fact, for being a free service, the Wi-Fi at Disney World is really strong. In most areas of the park and resorts, guests can get a high-speed connection. However, soon you will have to pay $25 Wi-Fi for standard Wi-Fi. If you want premium high-speed Wi-Fi, it will cost you $50.

You now must pay to access the internet at Disney World
You soon must pay to access the internet at Disney World

Paying for Wi-Fi, while it’s annoying, is not uncommon. In fact, most airlines like Delta, Southwest (the new sponsor of Soarin’ as we reported here), American, and more all charge for internet on their planes. However, typically basic Wi-Fi is free on those flights. However, Disney is putting all of their chips on the table and will charge everyone for any internet use on property.

We suggest if you want to get a spot in the Cosmic Rewind virtual queue, pay for the high-speed Wi-Fi. The standard Wi-Fi signal will not be strong and will take eons to load. Because of this, you will miss out on getting a boarding pass. We know that $50 is a lot to fork over for Wi-Fi, but if one person in your party gets it, that might be cheaper than paying for Lightning Lane for your group on Cosmic Rewind. Also yes, the Wi-Fi cost is per person per day, not your party.

Can I Use my Cellular Data Inside Disney?

The answer is no. With Disney’s implementation of paid Wi-Fi, they will start throttling the internet service inside their parks for cell providers. For example, if you have AT&T 4G and want to connect to the internet inside Disney World, good luck. Disney is setting up cellphone jammers that interfere with cellular connections on property.

Disney World using cell phone jammers to interfere with cell service
Disney World will use cell phone jammers to interfere with cell service. Photo via Gadget Jeff TV YouTube

The throttling of cellular connections inside Disney World is to force guests to pay for the Wi-Fi. If they don’t, they won’t have cellular access inside the park, which will prohibit them from booking Lightning Lanes, seeing wait times, mobile ordering, and more. This is clearly a power move by Disney to generate more money.

Also, it’s not illegal for Disney to throttle your phone’s cellular connection inside their parks. Since Disney owns the land the parks on are, they are allowed to control the internet access. While it may not be illegal, it certainly is highly unethical. However, Disney does what Disney wants and will make you pay. Just like how guests can pay $5 to pee at Disney World as we reported here.

What do you think of Disney making you pay for what used to be free Wi-Fi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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