Drivable Disney Ride Car Replicas Rolling out in 2026

Disney Making Drivable Cars in 2026

Disney is known for their extremely unique ride vehicles. This ranges from the classic Space Mountain cars to the futuristic Test Track cars to the world famous Splash Mountain Logs. These vehicles are so unique and well known that Disney sells scaled replicas of them. Now Disney is working on developing drivable models of their ride vehicles.

Disney Autopia car on the road as part of Disney's new drivable cars
Disney will start selling ride vehicle replicas as drivable cars. Photo via Motor Trend

Many Disney guests have dreamed of driving their own Test Track car on the open road. In fact, according to a study, 90% of Disney guests would drive a vehicle meant to replicate a Disney ride car. The study didn’t just ask about Test Track cars, it was open ended for any Disney ride car, including things like the Tea Cups.

Due to this large demand from the study, Disney has decided to venture into the auto industry with cars made to replicate or resemble their ride vehicles. That wording was chosen carefully by Disney because they mean two different things. Disney has stated that they will make cars that are replicates of Test Track and Autopia vehicles for example since those are actual cars or for Space Mountain, close enough where it could look and function as real car.

Disney getting into car industry with new drivable car replicas of ride vehicles
First look at drivable Test Track car from Disney

Disney will make drivable cars that resemble their ride vehicles. This is more for ride vehicles like Splash Mountain Logs, Tomorrowland Transit Authority cars, or Space Mountain cars. Disney can’t replicate the design, put some wheels on, and call it a car. Instead they will capture the essence of the design, color scheme, and any important distinguishing features into a car.

We know that Disney will not be opening or acquiring a car company, but rather enter into a partnership with an existing car company to make these vehicles. We don’t yet know who their partner will be, but we have some guesses. Disney may partner with Tesla, which is the hottest new car company. They also may partner with Volvo or Mercedes, both who produce high quality cars and are great at customization.

Disney is making drivable ride vehicles in 2026 partnering with a car company
Previous Disney and Porsche partnership to make real life Sally Carrera. Photo via Porsche

This is not a new partnership venture for Disney. Just recently they partnered with Porsche to make a drivable replica of Sally from cars with a 911 Carrera, which you can read about on Porsche’s website here. This was a great promotion and generated a lot of PR buzz and excited consumers, which is why Disney is expanding this to their ride vehicles. The successful consumer testing paired with the success of the Sally 911 Carrera launch drove Disney to this decision under the new CEO Bob Iger, who is always looking for ways to grow the company.

We don’t yet know the full lineup of Disney ride vehicles that will be turned into real cars, however, we know a few cars Disney will make into real cars for 2026, those include: Test Track, Splash Mountain, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, and Space Mountain. Coming out with 4 cars in their first year is aggressive, but we expect sales to be strong for Disney out of the gate and will lead to them making many more drivable cars in the following years.

Will you get a Disney car when it comes out? If so, what ride vehicle do you most want your car to replicate or resemble? Let us know in the comments below!

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