Duolingo to Sponsor it’s a small world

Duolingo to sponsor it's a small world

Duolingo is an extremely popular app for learning new languages. According to their website they are the #1 way to learn a language. This app has grown significantly over the past few years partially due to the pandemic. People were looking for new things to do and many started picking up new languages and now the app has almost 50 million users.

Disney has just announced a partnership with Duolingo for it’s a small world. Disney is not new to having sponsors for attractions. Chevy is the official sponsor of Test Track, Siemens was the official sponsor of Spaceship Earth, and we just learned that Southwest Airlines will be the official sponsor of Soarin’ Around the World.

it's a small world to be sponsored by duolingo
it’s a small world to be sponsored by duolingo

The Duolingo partnership is a natural fit for it’s a small world, since it is all about different languages and cultures around the world. With this sponsorship, guests will be able to use their duolingo app and interact with the attraction. When they open to Duolingo app on the attraction, it will sync with their phone and will provide them with translations of each language as you ride the attraction.

duolingo and its a small world sponsorship
duolingo it’s a small world app experience

This is a great sponsorship as it encourages people who don’t already have the app to download it while they are in the line and start using it. This is a great way for Duolingo to drive app downloads and create users. We think this will be a great partnership for both parties and is very fitting.

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