Every Restaurant at Disney Will be All-You-Can-Eat

You must scan your MagicBand to eat at Disney restaurants

Disney World has some of the greatest food on earth according to many. In fact, many people visit Disney World solely for the food and don’t even go on rides. This is why Disney introduced the no-ride ticket option for those who want to go to Disney just to eat. Well, there are some huge changes coming to how you eat at Disney World with the announcement that every restaurant will now be all-you-can-eat.

All Disney World restaurants will be all-you-can-eat
All Disney World restaurants will be all-you-can-eat. Original photo via Disney

Anyone who has been to Disney World knows about the wide variety of food options. Of course, some restaurants have similar foods like Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and Columbia Harbour House, however, they still have different offerings. Also, there are restaurants that serve completely different food than both of these. It’s the variety at Disney that has guests so excited for the new all-you-can-eat dining at Disney World.

All-You-Can-Eat at All Disney Restaurants

It was just announced that all restaurants at Disney World will be all-you-can-eat. This announcement has many people excited until they see the price. The idea behind the all-you-can-eat offering at Disney World is to give guests more of what they love. Allowing guests to eat as much food as they want at any Disney restaurant is expected to have a positive impact on guest satisfaction.

All-you-can eat buffet model at Disney World is to improve guest satisfaction
The all-you-can-eat buffet model at Disney World is to improve guest satisfaction

How the new all-you-can-eat dining will work at Disney is guests will pay a one-time fee to eat as much food at the restaurant as they would like. Essentially, when you enter a restaurant at Disney World, each person will scan their MagicBand. After this, you will be allowed to eat as much food at the restaurant as you would like until you leave. Once you leave the restaurant, your all-you-can-eat experience ends, until you pay again.

The price for this new all-you-can-eat program at Disney varies by restaurant as well as age. This applies to quick-service and sit-down restaurants. The price for adults will vary from $40 per person to $100 per person based on the type of restaurant and $20-60 for kids 13 and under. For example, Columbia Harbour House will be $40 per adult, meanwhile, Be Our Guest will be $100 per adult. It’s worth noting that the pop-up booths during the Food and Wine Festival for example will still be pay per item. 

All-You-Can-Eat Disney Controversy

As expected, this new all-you-can-eat model coming to all restaurants at Disney World has caused some controversy and created a lot of questions. First off, some guests are worried about food waste. However, Disney has a solution. Once a guest scans in, they can go back to the counter for as much food as they like. Disney is encouraging guests to take smaller portions and more trips. Ultimately, Disney thinks they can actually reduce food waste with this new model.

You must scan your MagicBand to eat at Disney restaurants
You must scan your MagicBand to eat at Disney restaurants

Another huge concern is the price. Many guests are used to paying $10-20 per person per meal at Disney World quick service restaurants. However, with all-you-can-eat, guests will be paying double or even quadruple. This makes many people furious because the food prices at Disney are already too expensive for many. In fact, quite a few people are saying they will start bringing their own food into Disney World because of this.

On the other hand, some guests are thrilled about this. As we noted, people go to Disney World just for the food. Those who love Disney food will become squatters at eat at one Disney restaurant all day. This will allow them to maximize the value of the all-you-can-eat option. Some are excited that they can sit in Cosmic Ray’s all day, listen to a Sonny Eclipse concert, and eat Disney food for 12 hours.

There are pros and cons to Disney’s new all-you-can-eat dining model. What are your thoughts on this new approach? Let us know in the comments below!

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