Experts Confirm That Mickey Mouse Isn’t Real

After a lot of research, experts confirm that Mickey Mouse isn't real

Experts confirm that Mickey Mouse isn’t real. This comes after extensive studies and research.

After a lot of research, experts confirm that Mickey Mouse isn't real
After a lot of research, experts confirm that Mickey Mouse isn’t real

The findings show that the Mickey Mouse character inside Disney Parks is just a human in a costume. In fact, the study concludes that the people in the costume are both men and women.

There is even speculation that goes as far as to say that other characters like Minnie, Pluto, Belle, and more aren’t real either. However, that is merely conjecture at this point. In fact, we expect further studies to investigate that more.

Of course, this information has shocked many people and many are questioning the validity of the study. The research cites both observational data as well as interviews with people who are closely connected to Mickey Mouse.

The observational data makes the case that Mickey Mouse isn’t real and the study uses the interviews to confirm it. Many people are skeptical that the interviews are not valid or legitimate due to a lack of transparency.

However, the study claims that exposing their sources could put them in danger, which is unethical. Because of this, we need to take the word of those who published the study. In this day and age, people often question the experts, reasonably so.

This is yet another example where people are told not to believe their lying eyes. Many people struggle to consider the fact that Mickey Mouse may not be real. The one thing we do know is that underground character fights are real, which we reported on here.

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