FDA Approves a Post-Disney Depression Drug

Disney creates new FDA approved Post-Disney Depression drug

There is nothing worse than the last day of a trip to Disney World. You get that feeling that you know you are leaving a magical place and returning back home to the daily grind of life. It’s a sad feeling and leaves people feeling empty on the inside. This medical diagnosis is commonly referred to as Post-Disney Depression. Luckily, the FDA just approved a new Post-Disney depression drug that helps treat your depression following a long trip to Disney World.

FDA approves a new drug to treat Post-Disney Depression
FDA approves a new drug to treat Post-Disney Depression

Post-Disney Depression, commonly abbreviated to PDD, is a well-known diagnosis in the medical community and in public life. For example, Thriveworks has an entire article breaking PDD down. Those who have visited Disney World know just how magical it is and the withdrawal you feel after leaving. It’s this emotion that the new Post-Disney Depression drug is intended to treat. With a doctor’s note of course.

Post-Disney Depression

There are many factors that lead to Post-Disney Depression. The biggest ones are Nostalgia, Appreciation, and Belonging. These three factors, combined with others, are the reason people love Disney World trips and don’t want to leave. Yeah, it’s stressful when your kid runs away. Thank goodness for the new leash rule at Disney. Also, there are plenty of fights and disputes between family members. However, in the end, everyone has fun and misses Disney when they leave.

Post-Disney Depression drug requires a doctor's prescription
Post-Disney Depression drug requires a doctor’s prescription. Original photo via tiege.com

Breaking down a few of the elements of PDD provides background on this new PDD medication that the FDA just approved. According to Oxford Dictionary, Nostalgia is “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.” Disney brings this to the forefront when they create magical experiences that people come back to time after time to relive. That’s partially why so many people visit there so many times, even if it’s the same experience each trip.

Appreciation falls next in line. This is due to the high-level training of Cast Members, where all guests feel valued. This is especially nice if you don’t get that appreciation in real life. Lastly, belonging makes anyone and everyone feel welcome at Disney World. It’s that feeling that led Disney to have a furry day, which we reported here. The new FDA-approved Post-Disney Depression drug aims to target these emotions and more to help deal with your emotions after a Disney trip.

FDA Approves Magical Disney Drug

Scientists from Disney have been working with the FDA over the past few years to get a Post-Disney Depression drug approved for use. It has finally been approved by the FDA for use. This new medication requires a prescription from a doctor and will be available at most pharmacies. This is truly a magical drug created by Disney. However, it’s not meant to treat any depression, the new drug only works for Disney depression specifically.

Disney creates new FDA approved Post-Disney Depression drug
Disney creates new FDA-approved Post-Disney Depression drug

We talked to one of the scientists working on this project, who also has a connection to Walt’s frozen head. They studied the chemical reaction that people experience at Disney and the withdrawal when they leave the parks to help create this drug. According to them, the drug targets those elements and creates a small voice in your head to help combat the primary causes of Post-Disney Depression.

Essentially, the drug can do a multitude of things. It helps you relive a Disney trip in your head through the small voice. Whether it is music from the parks, the kindness of Cast Members, or helping you reimagine the thrill of a Disney ride, it works wonders. According to a few test subjects, when they take this Post-Disney Depression drug, it feels like they are back at Disney, no matter where they are.

What do you think of the FDA approving a Post-Disney Depression drug? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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