Festival of The Lion King Show Ends. Being Replaced With “Baby Shark Dance Party”

Festival of The Lion King Baby Shark Dance Party

Festival of The Lion King at Animal Kingdom is the most popular show at Disney World. Featuring Timon and Pumbaa, the show takes you on a journey through the amazing music from The Lion King. The show has been running since Animal Kingdom opened in 1998. Who doesn’t love seeing the tumble monkeys or singing along to Hakuna Matata. The Festival of The Lion King show is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Sadly, we just got news that Disney will be ending Festival of The Lion King after 24 years. They will be replacing it with a brand new show, “Baby Shark Dance Party”. The new show is based on Pinkfong’s Baby Shark property. For background information, Baby Shark Dance is the top viewed video on Youtube of all time with more than 11 billion views! There is no doubt you have heard the incredibly catchy song by Pinkfong. In fact as soon as you hear the words “Baby Shark” you probably start humming the song in your mind.

Disney replaces festival of the lion king with baby shark show
Exclusive “Baby Shark Dance Party” Preliminary Sketches

We have some exclusive details on the announcement of Baby Shark Dance Party. The 45 minute show will feature all of your favorite songs from Pinkfong’s Baby Shark and will have plenty of live action. Baby Shark characters will dance and sing to their most popular songs. We also know that there will be guest interactions where you can go up on stage and do the Baby Shark Dance with the characters from the YouTube videos. On top of all of that, Disney will have Baby Shark-ified Disney characters. See the preliminary sketches above, which have been exclusively shared with Mouse Trap News. Ultimately these sketches will be fully costumed Disney characters singing along to Baby Shark songs with the other Baby Shark characters as well as some Disney songs thrown in the mix!

When the show is over, guests will be routed through a brand new gift shop where they can buy Pinkfong Baby Shark plush sharks as well as Baby Shark-ified Disney Characters. By now you may be wondering if Disney owns Baby Shark. Disney did not acquire Baby Shark, but rather entered a contract with Pinkfong to produce this show and sell Baby Shark based products. This is a 10 year licensing contract between Disney and Pinkfong with the option of renewal at the end of the 10 years.

Festival of the lion king being replaced with baby shark show
Baby Shark Dance Party Entrance at Festival of The Lion King

The only downside to Baby Shark Dance Party is it will be replacing Festival of The Lion King, which is the most popular show at Disney World. It is certainly sad to see Festival of The Lion King close, however we know Disney is going to make a great new show. The songs are incredibly catchy and fun to listen to. We expect the performance to be amazing and so much fun that guests will go to multiple shows in a day. What do you think of the closure of Festival of The Lion King and the retheme to Baby Shark Live?

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