Formula 1 Race Will Take Place Inside Disney World

Disney Grand Prix is a Formula One race around Disney World in 2025

Disney is well known for their involvement in sports. This is primarily because ESPN is owned by Disney, which is the leading sports company in the United States. In fact, even ABC has some involvement in sports. So it comes as no surprise with the announcement that a Formula 1 (F1) race will take place inside Disney World next year.

Disney Grand Prix is a Formula One race around Disney World in 2025
Disney Grand Prix is a Formula 1 race around Disney World in 2025

A few months ago, it was announced here that Disney would be hosting the 2025 Super Bowl. This was exciting news for Disney and football fans. In fact, Disney is building a new NFL stadium just for this game. Also, it will be the largest NFL stadium with a capacity of 85,000+ fans. Well, Disney World will also host an F1 race in 2025, making it the second major sporting event to be at Disney World in 2025.

Formula 1 Race at Disney World

Do you want to watch cars drive through Magic Kingdom and EPCOT at high speeds? You soon can. The Disney Grand Prix will be the name of this new F1 race taking place at Disney World. The track will be a 5-mile loop between EPCOT and Magic Kingdom. In fact, parts of the track will be inside those two Disney World theme parks. This will be the first time ever that racecars will drive inside Disney World parks, aside from Tomorrowland Speedway.

Magic Kingdom Formula One race track
Magic Kingdom Formula 1 race track

That’s right, the race will loop around the Magic Kingdom counterclockwise. The cars will drive down Main Street USA and turn into Tomorrowland. They will continue into Fantasyland, through Liberty Square, into Frontierland, and back through Adventureland. You can see the entire Magic Kingdom racetrack loop above. When the cars get to EPCOT, they will enter through Future World, drive around World Showcase counterclockwise, and exit through Future World.

The race track will essentially be one giant loop between the parks and inside each park. The track will include World Drive and EPCOT Center Drive to loop between the parks. This will not only go down as the most unique F1 race track ever but also the longest active track. Most Formula 1 race tracks are 3-4 miles long. The Disney World Formula 1 race track will be nearly a mile longer than the longest current F1 track.

Watching the F1 Race at Disney World

As expected, the F1 race coming to Disney World has generated a lot of excitement. In fact, many people already want to buy tickets for this race, even though it’s not until 2025. Luckily, there will be a ton of seating options for this race. While packages and prices aren’t revealed yet, we do know some of the seating options if you want to watch the Disney Grand Prix in person.

Guests are excited for real race cars to drive around Disney World
Guests are excited for real race cars to drive around Disney World. Photo via Disney

Disney will install stadium seating on top of many of the buildings inside the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. This will allow spectators to watch the cars fly through the two Disney World parks. For example, there will be bleachers on top of all of the buildings on Main Street USA. Also, Disney will install seating along World Drive and EPCOT Center Drive, so people can watch the cars drive down those roads as well. Per usual, there will be various suites available as well, for example, Cinderella Castle Suite.

The main downside to the Disney Grand Prix Formula 1 race is the closure of Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Both of these parks will be closed for two days for the race. They will be closed on the day of the race as well as the day before for final preparations. This means that if you are at Disney World during this time, you will only be able to visit Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom on those days. Despite this, many people are excited about the first-ever F1 race at Disney World.

What do you think of Disney hosting a Formula 1 race? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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