Free Refillable Beer Mugs Coming to Disney World

Refillable beer mug coming to Disney World

Have you ever been thirsty at Disney World? Sure they sell awful Dasani water that is way overpriced. Alternatively, you can drink the ride water as we reported here. These are great ways to quench your thirst, but neither of them compares to the newest drink option at Disney. It’s just been announced that refillable beer mugs are coming to Disney World.

Refillable beer mug coming to Disney World
Refillable beer mug coming to Disney World

Disney is big on refillable options at their parks. Popcorn buckets are a huge seller. For $13 you can get a popcorn bucket, which costs only $2.25 to refill. In fact, a normal popcorn bucket costs $5. So after 4 refills, the refillable popcorn bucket is worth it. In terms of drinks, Disney currently offers refillable resort mugs. At all Disney hotels, you can refill your mug free for the length of your stay for $22. That is a good price if you drink a lot of soda, coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. But it doesn’t compare to the refillable beer mugs.

Free Beer at Disney World

If you want to drink beer at Disney World for free, the new refillable beer mugs are your answer. However, like anything at Disney, it comes at a price. For $150 you can purchase a refillable beer mug. This refillable beer mug allows you to get free beer refills throughout your entire trip! We will cover all of the details and nuances around the free beer shortly. However, this is certainly appealing to many guests, just based on the initial announcement.

Disney Refillable Beer Mug will have 100th anniversary branding
Disney Refillable Beer Mug will have 100th anniversary branding. Photo via Disney Food Blog

Like every refillable Disney item, it will have an awesome and unique look to it. While the design is not yet available to the public, we heard from an internal source, it’s an amazing design. They also mentioned it will be themed to the Disney 100th anniversary. As of right now, the Disney refillable beer mug is a 100th anniversary special and will only be available for around a year. So if you want to get free beer at Disney World, the clock is ticking.

Much like the refillable soda mugs at Disney Resorts, the refillable beer mugs will have an RFID chip in them that is activated once you buy it. It will then be good for 7 days. During these days, you can use your refillable mug at any restaurant or resort that serves tap beer. Disney will scan your beer mug and once approved, they will pour a tap beer, filling up your 16 oz mug, for free! This is truly a beer lover’s dream.

Logistics and Value of Disney Refillable Beer Mugs

Guests will need to be 21 to purchase a refillable mug. In fact, Disney will ID you before filling your mug. We reported here that Disney is fighting to lower the drinking age in their parks to 18, but until then, you need to be 21. It’s also worth noting that there are select beers that guests cannot get for free with this mug, however, the complete list has not been announced. Let’s just hope Bud Light isn’t the only beer you can get despite the announcement they would become the official beer of Disney World.

Bud Light takes over Disney World as official beer
Refillable beer mugs coming to Disney World. Photo via Disney

In terms of the value of the mug, that depends on how much you drink. But we will do a break-even analysis for you. Disney World beer prices range from $8-13. Typically draft beers are $8-9, while craft beers are $11-13. This means if you purchase 19 draft beers over 7 days, then the mug pays for itself. However, if you buy 12 craft beers, it also pays for itself. Of course, this is a lot of beer, but we know how thirsty people can be at Disney World, especially at EPCOT.

It’s worth noting that Disney limits you to two free refills per hour. This prevents people from abusing the system. This is certainly a controversial move by Disney to have a refillable beer mug. Critics suggest that it will significantly increase the number of people who are intoxicated inside Disney World parks, which will have a negative impact on the guest experience. However, those who like beer think that it’s the best idea Disney has ever had.

What do you think of Disney’s refillable beer mug? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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