Guests Can Now Bring Fireworks Into Disney World

A man setting off his own fireworks inside Disney World

Guests can now bring fireworks into Disney World. This is a way to allow people to celebrate their own special moments in the parks. However, this is raising some serious safety concerns.

A man setting off his own fireworks inside Disney World
A man setting off his own fireworks inside Disney World

In fact, people are more concerned about this than Disney allowing guns inside their parks. According to an official statement, “We believe in empowering our guests to create their own magical moments. What better way to enhance the Disney experience than by allowing families to set off their own fireworks displays in the beloved theme parks?”

Under this new rule, Disney is allowing all fireworks inside their parks. This includes sparklers, fountains, and even the ones you see during Disney’s fireworks shows. However, there are some rules to using these fireworks to ensure the safety of other guests.

When someone decides to light off their fireworks, they must warn the guests around them by shouting “Fire in the hole”. They then need to wait 30 seconds while the area clears. After that, they are free to set off the fireworks.

If anyone is injured by a firework, unfortunately they cannot sue Disney. As expected, Disney will be posting warning signs and rules around these fireworks, which legally protects them from a lawsuit. Despite all of this, it is still seen as very controversial and dangerous.

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