Guests Enjoy New EPCOT Fountain Turned Hot Tub

EPCOT park goers enjoy fountain turned hot tub
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Walking around World Showcase is nothing short of an exhausting exercise. In fact, it’s a daunting 1.2-mile loop to walk all the way around World Showcase. It’s extremely tiring to walk around, especially when you are drinking around World Showcase. Luckily, Disney turned one of the fountains in EPCOT World showcase into a hot tub, where guests can relax and drink.

EPCOT park goers enjoy fountain turned hot tub
EPCOT park goers enjoy fountain turned hot tub. Photo via @Magicbyshana TikTok

Have you ever gone on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (soon to be Coco themed) just to rest your feet? We bet you have. There is nothing worse than a walk around World Showcase. Luckily, Disney will be adding moving walkways as we reported here. However, until that opens, you can now chill in the new hot tub in France in World Showcase.

Kick Back and Relax in EPCOT Fountain Hot Tub

Disney just opened up a hot tub in World Showcase for guests to sit in and relax. Disney repurposed a water fountain in the France pavilion and turned it into a hot tub. This is a creative way to offer such a nice amenity, plus it fits thematically. If Disney just built a boring, normal-looking hot tub, it would feel out of place. Instead, they themed it to a majestic-looking fountain, for all guests to kick back, relax, and enjoy their day at EPCOT.

EPCOT fountain becomes hot tub
EPCOT fountain becomes hot tub. Photo via MouseSteps / JWL Media YouTube

Another benefit to sitting in the fountain hot tub at EPCOT is the amazing water jets. The jets add significantly to the experience. They are not only beautiful, but also they are perfect for relaxing muscles, which is so important on EPCOT days. Again, a walk around World Showcase is 1.2 miles. This allows you to enjoy some hot water, soothing jets, and relax all the muscles in your body.

As you can see in the picture above, guests are already really enjoying the new water fountain hot tub at EPCOT. You can see how relaxed they are, while they sip on a fancy drink from one of the countries in World Showcase. The only downside to this hot tub in EPCOT, is shirts and shoes are required. Disney will not allow guests to enjoy this hot tub in their swimsuits due to park rules. Because of this, they will be required to sit in the fountain hot tub in their normal clothes. But don’t worry, you will dry off by the time you get back to Future World.

Hot Tubs Inside Disney World Parks

Despite laying out the great benefit of adding a hot tub inside EPCOT, many guests find it odd. They question why Disney World would encourage guests to sit in a fountain inside their parks. This really comes down to enhancing the guest experience at Disney World. Disney wants their guests to feel comfortable inside their parks. Adding a hot tub in their water fountains is a perfect way to do that.

Disney bringing hot tubs from the hotels to the parks
Now you can experience Disney hot tubs inside the parks. Photo via

While this EPCOT Fountain in France is the only in-park hot tub at Disney World, we wouldn’t be surprised if Disney adds more down the road. You can see how happy the guests are sitting in the Disney fountain, it’s obviously relaxing. It’s likely Disney adds more hot tubs inside their parks down the road, potentially even as seating in some of their shows like Muppet Vision 3-D or even Carousel of Progress.

A day at Disney World is exhausting. Instead of going back to the hotel to sit in the hot tub, Disney is bringing the hot tub to you, by putting it in the middle of their park. This clearly brings so many benefits. While it may seem weird to see people sitting in a fountain at Disney World, just remember, it’s a hot tub, and they are just relaxing in it.

What do you think of Disney adding a Hot Tub to EPCOT World Showcase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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