Investigation: Disney Sells Your Fingerprints to the FBI

Disney is actively working closely with the FBI

Disney is one of the largest companies in the world. Meanwhile, Disney World is the largest theme park in the world. When you are a company of that size, the US government likes to get involved in your business. There are oftentimes benefits to working with the government, but also some serious drawbacks. Through an advanced investigation, we found out that Disney is selling your fingerprints to the FBI.

Through investigation, we found that Disney sells fingerprints to the FBI
Through investigation, we found that Disney sells fingerprints to the FBI. Photo via Disney

Back in 1996, Disney started using finger scanners inside their parks. No one thought much of it. Yes, it added one more step to entering the parks. However, it helped reduce fraud and people stealing or selling tickets to Disney World. In fact, Disney continues to use fingerprints at the entrance to all of their parks. It connects directly to your My Disney Experience account and ensures the ticket belongs to you. However, the fingerprint scanning at Disney goes deeper than that in a story we just uncovered.

Disney Working With the FBI

We were tipped off by someone internally that there was something going on between Disney and the FBI. They suggested we look into it after our groundbreaking story here that Disney pays people to stand in lines. As soon as we started digging into the financial documents for the Walt Disney Company, something looked suspicious. We were able to confirm there were payments coming from the US Government to Disney. However, it wasn’t yet clear why.

Disney is actively working closely with the FBI
Disney is actively working closely with the FBI. Photo of Pentagon via Touch Of Light

After many undercover interviews, it became apparent that Disney was selling the fingerprints of their guests to the FBI. This raised many questions. Why is Disney doing this? Why does the FBI want the fingerprints? Is this Ethical? According to Disney’s privacy policy, “Ticket Tag does not store fingerprints.” While that statement is true, they do sell your fingerprints, which is a shady way around the legal blurb.

While we were unable to put an exact value to what Disney makes from selling each fingerprint, we estimate it at $100 per person. So each person that visits Disney World, Disney makes an extra $100 without your knowledge by selling your fingerprint to the FBI. Considering the sheer number of people who visit Disney World in a year, Disney is making hundreds of millions of dollars selling your fingerprints to the FBI.

Why is Disney Selling Your Fingerprints to the FBI?

The agreement by Disney to sell your fingerprints to the FBI is mutual. Disney benefits from the added revenue as they continue to struggle financially. They also have the FBI backing them up if Ron DeSantis plots more stuff against them as he did by calling in the National Guard to block the entrance to Disney World. Disney is doing favors for the FBI, so the FBI will do favors down the road for Disney.

Disney making money by selling fingerprints to FBI
Disney making money by selling fingerprints to the FBI

For the FBI, their benefit is obvious, they get the fingerprints of millions of Americans and people from around the world. The fingerprint is tied to all of the personal information that Disney has on you. The FBI can take this information and compile it into a huge database for when they need it. Fingerprints are one of the most valuable assets for the FBI, especially when connected to your personal information. So Disney giving them millions of fingerprints each year is a huge gain for the FBI.

This creates a huge ethical issue. A massive company is working hand in hand with the US government turning over sensitive information about each person. For most people, this probably doesn’t impact their day-to-day life. However, the principle behind those two working together has people scared. In what other ways will the government work with companies to get more information on their citizens?

What do you think of Disney selling your fingerprints to the FBI? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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