Joe Biden Promises Free Disney World Tickets

Joe Biden promises all Americans a free 5-day ticket to Disney World

Joe Biden promises free Disney World tickets to all Americans. According to the new proposal, every American would get a free 5-day ticket to Disney World.

Joe Biden promises all Americans a free 5-day ticket to Disney World
Joe Biden promises all Americans a free 5-day ticket to Disney World

This is an effort to gain more voters. Currently, Joe Biden is losing to Donald Trump according to many polls. In fact, the other day, he promised student loan forgiveness to get more votes. However, this proposal did not go over well and now he is looking for a better way to buy votes.

The promise to give all Americans free Disney World Tickets seems to already be off to a strong start. In fact, this has already boosted him in the polls. However, there is some pushback to this plan.

First off, some people are angry that these are individual park tickets and not Park Hopper tickets. They are extremely disappointed in the Biden administration for being so cheap. Meanwhile, others worry that this will make the lines at Disney World longer.

The park is already having capacity issues. This will make wait times even longer. Aside from that, there are a few people who are concerned about the financial impact of giving everyone a free 5-day ticket to Disney World.

This proposal will cost Americans around $165 billion. America is already in huge debt and this will just add to it. On the other hand, many people are thrilled that they can go to Disney World for free.

They think it is unjust that they need to pay for Disney tickets in the first place. They are also happy to see the government supporting small businesses like Disney.

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