Journey Into Imagination With Figment ASMR Update Coming

Journey Into Imagination With Figment ASMR

Journey Into Imagination with Figment is one of the most popular attractions at EPCOT. It may not always have the highest wait times, but it has a huge fan base that loves the attraction. How could you not love the purple and orange dragon known as Figment. However, news just broke that this beloved attraction is getting a much needed update.

Journey Into Imagination with Figment will be updated to Journey Into ASMR with Figment. This is a way to increase the appeal of the attraction to the younger generation. We have seen the ASRM trend on the rise, especially on TikTok. Disney sees this as a great way to get people more excited about the attraction and we agree, it just fits.

Journey into imagination Update with ASMR
Journey Into Imagination Entrance. Photo via

Journey into ASMR with Figment will not be a complete overhaul rather a modification to the existing attraction. Similar to the current attraction, guests will learn about all five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste (tastes like chicken). However, they will experience them in different ways than the current attraction offers. The ride track will remain the same, but the overall experience will be through an ASMR lens.

Here is what we know so far on the changes to the attraction and specific ASMR experiences that will be added. For sight, guests will see very visually appealing ASMR clips. This will include visuals of things being painted, tape being removed, and soft items being smushed as a few examples. For sound, guests will listen to satisfying sounds like tapping in nails, eating food, and crunching objects. With smell, guests will experience very pleasurable odors that trigger an ASRM feeling. Touch, guests will be able to interact with objects in the ride vehicle. They will be able to touch different ASMR items that are built right into the vehicle. There is no word from Disney yet on taste, however it seems unlikely there will be a taste ASMR element in the attraction due to sanitary concerns.

Journey Into Imagination with figment with ASMR update
Journey Into Imagination ASMR Visual Experience Concept Art

As you may have guessed from the name, our favorite dragon Figment will remain in the attraction. He is such a beloved character among Disney fans, which we saw with the special Figment popcorn bucket, which created some of the longest lines in the park. We also know Dr. Nigel Channing will remain as your tour guide through the lab. Disney is doing a great job of staying true to the current attraction, while sprucing it up to appeal to the ASMR trend.

This is not a huge update by any stretch of the imagination (see what we did there). This is more of an update/refresh to appeal to the younger generation as well as keep things relevant to what is popular in society right now. We are certainly excited for the update to the attraction, we think it is a great idea for Disney to do. What do you think of this update, are you excited for Journey Into ASMR with Figment?

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