Last Meal at Disney World Approved for Death Row Inmate

Death row inmate gets last meal approved to be at Disney World
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It cannot be fun to be on death row. For those people, it’s only a matter of days before their life comes to a deserving end. However, unfortunately, we’re nice enough to allow these folks to have a last meal of their choice. Well, one death row inmate just had his last meal approved to be at Disney World. That’s right, an inmate on death row will be going to Disney World for his last meal.

Death row inmate gets last meal approved to be at Disney World
Death row inmate gets last meal approved to be at Disney World

People have requested crazy last meals over the years, and some of them have been approved. For example, Velma Barfield requested a bag of Cheez-Doodles and a can of Coca-Cola for her last meal. However, James Edward Smith requested a clump of dirt, but they denied it because it wasn’t on a list of approved foods. For more wild last meal requests you can check out this article. With that said, We believe that a Disney World last meal should be on that list for the craziest last meal requests ever.

“I’m Going to Disney World… For My Last Meal”

To preface, the inmate’s name will not be mentioned. We do not want to give any additional exposure to the man nor encourage copycats. However, despite that, this man will go down in history for having the strangest last meal ever approved. According to the official Florida court reports, the man asked the judge to have his last meal at Disney World and it was granted.

Cheeseburger, Fries, and slush at Cosmic Ray's is the last meal requested by inmate
Cheeseburger, Fries, and slush at Cosmic Ray’s is the last meal requested by the inmate. Photo via

In fact, the exchange went like this. The judge asked, “What do you request for your last meal?” The criminal responded, “I’m going to Disney World for my last meal. I want french fries, a cheeseburger, and a Sully Slush with a private concert from Sonny Eclipse.” The judge said, “While that is oddly specific, I will grant your motion.” That was the extent of the conversation and so now the man will have his last meal at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe with a private show from Sonny Eclipse.

This is an extremely odd and specific request. However, according to the inmate’s attorney, he is a massive Disney fan. He’s been to Disney World hundreds of times prior to his arrest. In fact, the man’s original last meal proposal was even crazier. He wanted to just have a glass of Splash Mountain water, while he rode Splash Mountain in his own log. However, due to the closure of Splash Mountain, that request would not have been granted.

Logistics of The Disney World Last Meal

Apparently for this man to have his last meal at Disney World, it will be done after hours once the Magic Kingdom is closed. The Florida courts requested Disney to keep the Magic Kingdom open specially for this man’s last meal. Of course, they told Disney that Cosmic Ray’s will need to be opened and Sonny Eclipse turned on for his private concert.

Inmate's last meal involves a show by Sonny Eclipse
The inmate’s last meal involves a private concert from Sonny Eclipse. Photo via

It’s a shame this man gets the Magic Kingdom all to himself for being a criminal. Normal and good people need to pay millions of dollars to rent out Disney World for a similar experience as we reported here. Apparently, all you need to do is commit some serious crimes, get on death row, and you can have Disney World all to yourself. This is a life hack we do not advocate for.

Apparently, the man requires 25 armed guards to follow him inside Disney for his last meal. The last thing they want is for him to escape during his last meal, especially in Disney. This is a huge risk allowing the man to have his final meal in such a large place, however, it’s being handled with the utmost care to ensure nothing goes wrong.

What do you think of Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe being the last meal for an inmate on death row? Where would you choose your last meal at Disney? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 months ago

Ummmm…BS. There is no way in hell that a death row inmate would be allowed out of his cell on death row and taken to Disney World. Hell, they’re only allowed out of the cell once a week to take a shower! Not to mention, the court isn’t involved with and doesn’t fulfill an inmate’s last meal request. It’s the warden and the prison system.