Living With The Land Ride Tastings

Living With the Land Ride Tastings during ride

Living With The Land is one of the greatest attractions at Walt Disney World and it just got so much better! Starting next week, Disney will offer Living With The Land Ride Tastings, where you can eat food from the greenhouses, while you ride the attraction!

Living with the land tastings coming to the attraction
Eat food from Living With The Land while riding Living With The Land

For just $15 per guest, you can purchase a special ticket for Living With The Land that includes a sampling of different foods grown inside the Living With The Land. You will get samples of fruits, vegetables, and even fish. Not only will the plates include typical foods like lettuce and bananas, but they will also have some of the more exotic foods grown in the greenhouses like snake gourds, breadfruit, and bougainvilleas to give a few examples.

You can sign up for Living With The Land Ride Tastings outside of Soarin’, where the Behind The Seeds tour sign up was formerly located. There are no reservations required up front either. As an added bonus, you get a free Lightning Lane for Living With The Land when you sign up for the tasting. This added bonus is so you don’t have a long wait in line with your food.

Behind the seeds tour at epcot
Sign up for new Living With The Land ride tastings at Behind The Seeds Tour booth

When you sign up, you will receive a food sample tray, an earpiece, and a paper Lightning Lane pass. The earpiece syncs up with the ride and at various moments throughout the attraction will prompt you to eat different foods from your tray. They will provide additional facts through your earpiece about the foods as you consume each one. When the ride is over, you need to stop by the desk where you signed up, to drop off your tray and earpiece.

We are very excited for this and will certainly be signing up for one of the first Living With The Land ride tastings. It seems like a great price for what you get! Will you sign up for this on your next trip to EPCOT?

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