Man Glues Himself to Splash Mountain Boat and is Arrested

Man Arrested at Disney World

People gluing themselves to things in protest is on the rise. Recently some protesters glued themselves to paintings and different protesters that glued themselves to a Volkswagen Dealership floor. The act of gluing oneself to something as an act of protesting has found its way into Disney World and a Splash Mountain Boat.

Man glues his hand to splash mountain log.
Man glues himself to Splash Mountain log. Photo via Nellas Elensar

Splash Mountain is one of the most, if not the most popular attraction at Walt Disney World. Since it opened in 1989, it has been a long time family favorite. Splash Mountain always has some of the longest wait times in the park. Despite its massive popularity, Disney made the controversial decision to retheme it to Princess and The Frog, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

One man was so upset by this retheme that he decided to protest by gluing his hands and feet to a Splash Mountain log. The man boarded the log like normal, however, when his ride was over and the boat returned to the load/unload area, the lap bar came up and his hands came with it. It turns out the man had superglue hiding in his bag and decided to glue his hands to the lap bar and feet to the floor of the boat during the ride.

Man protests tianas bayou adventure splash mountain refresh by glueing self to boat
A look at the disappointing new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure update. Photo via Sean Keane/CNET

According to a cast member working at Splash Mountain at the time, when the boat was unloading they quickly realized something wasn’t right. The man started arguing with the cast members telling them that he was going to ride Splash Mountain all day and not get off. He was making a statement that everyone loves Splash Mountain and that the retheme to Princess and The Frog, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, should be canceled.

To avoid closing the attraction, the cast members let the man stay in the boat and ride Splash Mountain again. As soon as his boat dispatched from the loading area, they made a call to Disney security and the Orange County Sheriff’s department to arrest the man when his boat returned to the station.

There were 3 police officers and 3 security guards awaiting his arrival. When the boat stopped, they tried quickly getting him out of the boat to not disturb the attraction. Unfortunately however, removing the man from the boat proved to be more challenging. Disney was put in the unfortunate situation of having to temporarily close and evacuate the attraction to unglue the man from the boat.

Man arrested for gluing self to Splash Mountain Log for protesting princess and the frog retheme
Man arrested for gluing self to Splash Mountain Log. Photo via @nataliecurling

Disney ended up calling the Reedy Creek Fire Department to help unglue the man. Once they unglued him, he was immediately arrested by the Orange County Sheriff department. He is now being charged with 3 counts of disorderly conduct. This disturbance forced Disney to evacuate the ride and close it for over an hour, which is a huge inconvenience for Disney.

Despite our report on the Splash Mountain retheme being canceled, which you can read about here, this man tried to stand up for the attraction, but it came at a cost. What do you think of the Splash Mountain retheme? Leave a comment below!

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