Man Seriously Injured in ECV Incident at Disney

Life threatening ECV accident at Disney World

There’s nothing scarier than an electric scooter at rope drop in Disney World. The ECV scooters, which can top out at a daring 10 miles per hour, can be extremely dangerous, especially in highly congested areas. Unfortunately, this proved to be the case. An ECV electric scooter accident at Disney World resulted in life-threatening injuries for one guest.

Man seriously injured by ECV electric scooter at Disney World
Man seriously injured by ECV electric scooter at Disney World

When a theme park has over 10 million visitors in a year, things are bound to go wrong. In fact, recently a kid floated away while holding Mickey Balloons, which we reported here. Also, there was the tragic Space Mountain injury a few weeks ago. Adding to the list of serious injuries at Walt Disney World is an injury involving an ECV electric scooter. 

Yesterday at the Magic Kingdom, a man was struck by an electric scooter. According to the official report, the driver of the scooter accidentally put it in reverse Ter. Oh lord! His hand got stuck on the acceleration button, thus continuing the ECV vehicle in reverse. Unfortunately, by the time he removed his hand from the accelerator, his scooter was already on top of another guest.

Serious injury at Disney World involving electric ECV scooter
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At this point, the man was stuck under the scooter. We’ll keep the gruesome details out of the article. However, the scooter couldn’t move anymore with the man under it. The driver of the scooter was heavier and older. The two families rushed to get him off the scooter so they could lift it off the man on the ground. After a few minutes, they were able to guide the driver off of his ECV scooter and lift it off the man on the ground.

The EMT medical staff arrived just as the scooter was being lifted off of the man. They took him out of the park on a stretcher and took him to the hospital in an ambulance for further evaluation. According to the report, the man is in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. The weight of the ECV scooter and the driver on top of the man for a significant amount of time did not help the situation.

Life threatening ECV accident at Disney World
Man Injured by ECV was rushed to the local hospital. Photo via ClickOrlando

At the moment, this incident has been ruled an accident, with no foul play involved. However, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is doing a thorough investigation into what happened, including talking to more witnesses and watching security camera footage. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the driver, as well as the ECV company could be held liable for the injuries suffered by the man under the scooter.

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