Maui’s Tattoo Shop Coming to Magic Kingdom

Maui's Tattoo Shop coming to the Magic Kingdom concept art

Disney is always looking for fun and new ways to appeal to their customers. Whether it’s by removing the drinking age or the tasting experience on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, there are many ways to give guests more of what they want. That’s exactly what Disney is doing by adding Maui’s Tattoo Shop inside the Magic Kingdom.

Maui’s Tattoo Shop coming to the Magic Kingdom concept art
Maui’s Tattoo Shop coming to the Magic Kingdom concept art

Americans having tattoos is on the rise and at an all-time high. In fact, each year, more people get permanently inked. With this increase is the increase in Disney tattoos. According to the statistics, 70% of people with tattoos have at least one Disney-related tattoo. However, there is a problem, they are not official Disney tattoos. Well, with the new Maui’s Tattoo Shop in Disney World, people can get official Disney tattoos from professional Disney artists.

Maui’s Tattoo Shop Replacing Barber Shop

It was just announced that Maui’s Tattoo Shop will be replacing Harmony Barber Shop inside the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. This news comes as a surprise to many, especially since Disney is now requiring guests to cover up their tattoos. However, according to a source, that rule is being lifted. This is likely because Disney saw an opportunity to make more money by tattooing guests inside the Magic Kingdom.

Huge rise in Americans with tattoos, many with Disney tattoos
Huge rise in Americans with tattoos, many with Disney tattoos. Photo via Statista

This is not the first classic Main Street Building to be replaced. In fact, Disney is replacing The Chapeau with a dentist’s office, which we reported on here. However, guests are sad that the barber shop is being replaced since it is such a classic on Main Street USA, and a great place to get your haircut. Sadly, reports show that the Harmony Barber Shop is struggling, thus leading Disney to close it and make way for a new tattoo shop.

As we noted above, it will be called Maui’s Tatto Shop. Disney chose Maui to be the face of the tattoo shop for two reasons. First, Maui is known for his tattoos and is one of the few Disney characters with tattoos. Second, Disney is continuing to push Moana, as we see with Moana’s Epic Voyage, the new ride we reported on here. In this shop, you will be able to get a permanent Disney tattoo at Disney World.

Getting a Permanent Disney Tattoo in Disney World

Permanent Disney tattoos are a huge business. However, these are always done by tattoo artists with no affiliation to Disney. This leads to two issues. Disney doesn’t make any money from the tattoo artists that use their IP. Also, the work isn’t being done by official Disney artists, meaning it won’t be perfect. However, at Maui’s Tattoo Shop, you can get permanent Disney tattoos from official Disney artists.

You can now get any Disney tattoo in Disney World
You can now get any Disney tattoo in Disney World. Photo via Kenny Houston Pinterest

That’s right, Disney will have their professional artists and animators giving people permanent tattoos inside the Magic Kingdom. These will be some of Disney’s best artists, allowing guests to get the best Disney tattoos in the world. These artists are trained in all Disney art from the earliest cartoons, to the newest films, and everything in the park. They will be able to create any Disney tattoo you can imagine.

If you want a tattoo of it’s a small world dolls riding Splash Mountain, they will be able to execute it flawlessly and it will be an official Disney tattoo, making it even more special. The price for a Disney tattoo will be slightly more expensive than most tattoo shops. This is because they are Disney artists and it’s inside Magic Kingdom, where all of the prices are elevated. Despite this, lines are expected to be hours long to get permanent tattoos inside Disney World.

What do you think of Maui’s Tattoo Shop coming to Magic Kingdom? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below!

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any rumors on when this will be opening?